Did Obama Go Sideways On Four Decades Of Policy?

Robert Gibbs, the former Obama “Baghdad Bob” has declared Mitt Romney’s trip to Israel an embarrassing disaster. Gibbs, a mouthpiece for the Obama campaign, is trashing Romney’s trip claiming that he was unable to convince people he should be the Commander in Chief.

Gibbs cites Romney’s expression of concern over some aspects of the London Olympics, claims that upset the British officials, as one reason he is not ready for primetime. The Obamabots would have you believe that Romney “struck out playing tee ball.”

The problem with this is that Romney only expressed concerns that the British have been publicly declaring for months. The British newspapers and other media have been talking about the very issues Romney discussed for months. When asked, Romney cited their own concerns and was somehow the bad guy.

Let us not forget that Romney is uniquely qualified to discuss Olympic preparation given his work on the Salt Lake City Olympics. He said nothing that was not already known or that was not already a concern. Even Piers Morgan sided with Romney and Morgan is in no way a right wing supporter.

So that issue has been settled. It was no big deal and Romney caused no international incident.

So on to the next issue. Gibbs cites Romney’s statement that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel as a major gaffe and shows Romney is not ready for the White House. Here is what Gibbs said about Romney and his comment:

And he criticized the Republican’s declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and should therefore be home to the U.S. embassy. He said that “went sideways” on four decades of American policy, under both Republican and Democratic administrations, that holds the status of Jerusalem, which both Israelis and Palestinians claim as their capital, should be worked out in negotiations. WSJ

So, according to Gibbs the Romney declaration went sideways on four decades of American policy. How dare he declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel? He is a foreign policy disaster. Barack Obama is so talented and in tune that he would never make such a silly gaffe.

Except candidate Obama said the very same thing in 2008. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama went sideways on four decades of American policy by declaring that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. Here is what the anointed one said in 2008:

Any negotiated agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, he said, “must preserve Israel’s identity as a Jewish state with secure, recognized, defensible borders. And Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided.” CNS News

The Obama campaign backtracked later on but it is important to note that Obama said Jerusalem must REMAIN (remain means that it is currently so and must stay that way) the capital of Israel. He further stated that it must not be divided. He was speaking to a Jewish group and backtracked later when confronted by others. There is a video of him saying it so you Obamabots out there can’t claim he never said it. And just to be sure, NO, you all can’t play games and claim he was taken out of context. He was in context with his remarks about business and he was completely in context with his Jerusalem remarks.

I know that Obama and his people like to say something and then tell everyone that it was never said or taken out of context but the truth is they all lie and try to twist words. Another truth is that many of Obama’s followers are too stupid to actually see it.

In any event, candidate Obama said the EXACT same thing candidate Romney is now saying. Obama was the wonderful messiah and Romney has gone sideways on four decades of American policy.

This is what Baghdad Bob Gibbs would have you believe. The reality is that Romney’s trip was not an embarrassing disaster and the Obama campaign knows it. The campaign is doing everything it can to lie in order to gain traction.

Say Romney insulted the Brits while ignoring the insult Obama levied on them when he took office. He returned a Bust of Churchill thus insulting our ally and then his peeps lied about it. Even the apology is steeped in falsehood.

The reality is that Romney went to other countries and met with people who respect him. He did not bow to other leaders and he did not run around apologizing for America. He demonstrated what a real leader looks like and the Obama folks know this.

They are scared. It shows in their response to Romney’s actions and it shows in their fundraising emails. They are afraid and they are worried that the ruse is up and they will lose.

Even the black community is fracturing with regard to Obama.

I wonder if they are racists for opposing the anointed one…

Stick around and pop the popcorn because the show is going to get interesting.

The Blaze

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