Did Hillary Clinton Admit She is Incompetent?

In an interview Hillary Clinton sat down to tell everyone how she would run the country differently than George W. Bush and how all her plans are the right ones. She wanted to make sure we knew she had the answers to our problems. Like all politicians, she does not recognize that government is the cause of most of our problems. Hillary made two troubling statements. The first was that there are two branches of government. There are three and her failure to recognize the Judicial indicates how much the left has used that branch to get done what it is unable to pass in the Legislative branch. It shows that activist judges have legislated from the bench so frequently that Hillary, an accomplished lawyer, does not recognize it as a different branch:

“It has been a concerted effort by the vice president, with the full acquiescence of the president, to create a much more powerful executive at the expense of both branches of government and of the American people.” [emphasis mine]

If this is not troubling enough, the smartest woman in the world admitted that she did not know that security contractors in Iraq are immune from prosecution (actually they are not) and she dismissed her lack of information on the matter by stating:

Clinton was asked about a statement she made on Tuesday when criticizing the Bush administration’s conduct in Iraq. She said she hadn’t known that Blackwater USA, the military contractor accused of killing more than a dozen Iraqi civilians last month, had immunity from prosecution in Iraq because of an exemption approved soon after the US invasion.

“Maybe I should have known about it; I did not know about it,” she said yesterday. [emphasis mine] boston.com

It might not be troubling to many people but Hillary wants to be President and she sits on the Armed Services Committee. That committee has had several bills sent to it that specifically address the contractor issue. Coincidentally, a recent bill was introduced by he opponent, B. Hussein Obama.

There was also a recent memo from the Secretary of Defense reminding the services that contractors fall under the UCMJ, a change that was implemented in January of 2007. The Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act (MEJA) is referenced in the memo and has been on the books as Public Law 106-523 since November of 2000. Section 552 of PL 109-364 Expanded UCMJ jurisdiction to persons serving with or accompanying the armed forces in the field during contingency operations. This was passed by the Senate and Clinton voted for it.

It is obvious that all these items have been in the open for quite some time and that some of the legislation in question was presented to the Armed Services Committee, a committee that Clinton sits on. It is also obvious that Clinton voted on legislation that, in some part, addressed this. All of this begs the obvious question; Why does she not know about this? In addition to learning this from her official duties, the information has been on TV and radio for quite some time, more so in recent weeks. How can she possibly not know about this? Is she so focused on winning that she has neglected to do her job?

One also has to ask what she means by “Maybe she should have known” when it is obvious that there is no maybe about it. She sits on the committee that looks at this stuff and to which information was given. How can she claim that she knows nothing and dismiss it so casually? Is she ignoring the recently introduced item because Obama is the author? How can she expect to be President when she is unaware of these things?

Democrats like to believe that George Bush ignored the threat of radical Islam and that he misinforms Americans. It is amazing that they fail to hold their anointed to any kind of similar standard. If we accept that Bush is as incompetent as the left portrays him, we must also accept that Hillary is mush more incompetent because she cannot seem to even do her Senate job.

If she cannot handle one seat in the Senate, how will she ever run an entire country?

Big Dog

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  1. Glenn M. Cassel, AMH1(AW), USN, RET says:

    Shrillary Rodumb Clintoon. No further discussion required, except for, maybe, TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!