Did Google Cause Arrests?

When Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and wounded a fellow hunter there were posts all over the left wing blogosphere that he did not have the proper stamp on his Texas hunting license. Alec Baldwin thinks this and other reasons gives the victim (a lawyer) ground upon which to sue. Others have left the impression that the accident happened because Cheney lacked the stamp.

It is being reported that Google does not have the proper license to operate in China. Google says it has all the necessary paperwork in order but there are disputes to that claim. Much like Cheney, who had a license but did not have a stamp that was not required until recently, Google might have overlooked something. But if we extrapolate the guilt associated with Cheney’s lack of a stamp to Google, it would seem fair to say Google is responsible for the arrests that have been made in China related to use of Google to find items restricted by the Chinese government.

Blaming Google for human rights violations in China because they [Google] did not have a proper license is as ridiculous as blaming Cheney’s accident on the lack of a $7.00 bird stamp. Leave it to a moonbat though, to think of something this insane.

Source: Reuters

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