Did FBI Murder LaVoy Finicum?

For nearly a month a group of people describing themselves as militia have been occupying a federal wildlife refuge in protest of the federal government’s intrusion. The feds have obtained a lot of land in violation of the US Constitution and they have been putting ranchers out of business and obtaining their land along the way.

We can debate the tactics of the people and the sanity of this mission some other time. What is not open to debate is their adherence to non violence. They stated they would not shoot first but that they would not tolerate federal agents pointing guns at them. Their position was likely exploited and allowed the FBI to kill LaVoy Finicum. Many claim that Finicum did not shoot (in fact it has been reported that the only three shots came from law enforcement) and that he had his hands up when he approached the police.

I was obviously not there but if he intended to shoot someone I am sure he would have gotten a few rounds off and possibly harmed one of the LEOs before he was shot. He was not a threat to anyone’s life so why was lethal force used?

These officers had many more people, pepper spray and tazers. They did not have to shoot this guy, at least based on what we know at this time.

You can bet that no officer will face any discipline or investigation for this shooting, a shooting that looks like cold blooded murder.

Even if Finicum was charging at the police he did less to them than Michael Brown did (he assaulted an officer and then charged him and tried to take his gun) so why are there no protests? Why are there no hands up don’t shoot rallies and why are there no people telling us that cowboy lives matter?

Obama was on Brown’s side as was the majority of the liberal establishment. The very people who think Brown was executed think Finicum got what he deserved.

Did he? There is no way to convince me he could not have been taken alive. A trigger happy LEO murdered him.

The government can kill without consequence. We see it each and every day.

I do not know what the response to this will be but if this man was walking with his hands up and was unarmed and they shot him then the reaction should make Ferguson look like Disneyland.

Perhaps people should burn places to the ground and engage in huge riots that destroy millions of dollars in property. I mean, that is what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore and the subjects of those outbursts were in the wrong. If they murdered this guy (and it sure looks that way) then it might just be time to raise hell. There is no honor in the FBI and there is no honor in any police agency that violates its oath.

Perhaps this will spiral out of control or perhaps it will be forgotten in the next news cycle.

In any event, if you ever have to deal with the FBI or other law enforcement agencies just keep in mind they will murder you. Do what you have to to stay alive keeping in mind surrendering or complying is no guarantee you will remain alive.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Did FBI Murder LaVoy Finicum?”

  1. CeboTaxi says:

    I to saw the FBI’s Video of this Killing of an Innocent man. What I saw what everyone else saw on the Video. I saw Finicum’s white pick up, loosing control and veered off into a DEEP Snowbank, to avoid crashing into the FBI’s, 3 car Road Block. The Finicum’s white pick up truck was then surrounded by Rifle Bearing Police, all pointing directly at Finicum from relatively close range of approximately 30 ft distance. It was here the Finicum exited his truck and steeped upon a Deep, snow covered , sloping banked shoulder of the road, with both hands raised above his head in a surrendering position. It was here in the Video that you can see that Finicum was having trouble standing up in the slippary snow covered hillside, and was jockying, attempting to maintain an upright position. In doing so, his hands moved about somewhat, inorder to stabilize himself, just like a Tight Rope Performer might do, when he was suddenly Shot in the Back without provocation, by a Law emforcement officer, which was on the Higher Ground in the woods, behind Finicum. This is a Travisity of Justice! Tinicum was Murdered by the very people who are suppose to protect him. He already surrendered, and therefore, under their authority and control. Shot by a High Powered Rifle at close range.
    Where is the outrage from the people? How come there aren’t riots in the Streets? The Police Officer who Killed Finicum, will probably receive after a small private debriefing, a Promotion and a letter of commendation for performing his duties well, way beyond what was expected of him to do. I am beside myself over this Killing of an innocent man.

  2. Blake says:

    This man forgot that the government was the enemy- and has been since before obammy was in office, or has anyone forgotten that the first “pamphlet” the “Justice” Dept. rolled out had to do with so- called “Right-wing terrorism?