Dick “Turban” Learned From Howie Dean

Whenever the left wants to make the republicans out to be villains their favorite tool is to compare our wonderful men and women in uniform to history’s satans. We must always hear the words Gulag, Nazi, and Hitler. We have a wonderfully stupid Senator named Dick Turban who took great pride in likening our men and women to the evil Nazis and in comparing the jails we run to Gulags (a new liberal vocabulary word).

I want to know how giving terrorists three meals a day and religious freedom equates to having them in a Gulag. I am no Senator, I am too smart for that, but I would like to know how this first class jackass expects to be reelected after dishonoring our troops in this fashion. I am sure that many of his supporters have family or friends serving and they do not want some half crocked jackass talking badly about them. I think this is what happens when the Supreme Court takes your weed away. Turban is having withdrawal pain.

There seems to be a trend in the democratic party for the members to say stupid things. I mean, more stupid than usual. Ted Kennedy blathers on and you usually can not understand him but we attribute that to years of alcohol abuse. He has so few brain cells left he can not function normally. With all the mindless prattle the donks hired Howie Dean to run the DNC. He does not have a problem with weed withdrawal, he just forgets to take his psychotropic medications. He screams like a scalded dog and says the most incredibly stupid things. Some of the donks, like San Fran Nan, support him and say he is what they need. The donks need Dean like Michael Jackson needs another molestation trial. Dean is pretty good for the republicans though. I predict he will help us gain even more seats in 2006.

So anyway, it looks like Turban’s mother named him appropriately. The way he acts it is only right that his name be Dick. The major thing we have to decide in America is what enemy do we want to get rid of first. The terrorists or our enemies in the Senate. I think we should continue to kick tail over seas and then kick a little donk ass in 2006. Of course, I do not know if Turban is up for reelection in 2006. If not then add coward to the other list of names to describe the jackass.

Maybe we can get Turban, Dean, San Fran Nan and the other traitors of our service members and have them conduct a test. They can spend a month in one of our military prisons where the terrorists get treated better than they do at home and have more rights than the average American, especially with regard to practicing religion. Then they can go spend some time in a third world prison, say in North Korea. Then, if they are alive in 30 days, they can tell us which one was more humane. I have another idea. Why don’t we let PETA take care of the terrorists?

You can read about Dick Headturban here, here, and here.

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2 Responses to “Dick “Turban” Learned From Howie Dean”

  1. TheAce says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but the more I’m around liberals, and the more I listen to their speeches, I get the feeling that they have an extreme lack of historical knowledge. Comparing our our questioning techniques to those of the Stalin’s and Hitler’s is absurd, and inaccurate. Just like the comparison between Vietnam and Iraq.
    One of the conditions being discussed is the air conditioner being turned off, allowing room temperature to reach 100 degrees. Maybe this Turban numbnut should ask John McCaine if they even had air conditioners to turn off at the Hanoi Hilton.

  2. Surfside says:

    Good point, Ace. “Turban” should not only ask McCain, he should ask our troops in the field. They’re humping it around Iraq in full gear and packs — trying to avoid exploding devices and ambushes set by these detainees free counterparts. Tomorrow, it’s scheduled to be a balmy 111 degrees in Iraq. And, our troops are not dining orange chicken and lemon pepper fish.