Despite Record Intake Government Still In Red

The federal government took in a record amount of money from taxpayers through the end of tax day (the number is not final until the next day but any additional money will add to the record). The government took in $1,416,555,440,000, more money than it has ever taken in during that time frame (in inflation adjusted dollars).

Even though the government fleeced taxpayers for a record amount of money the government still managed to spend $439.47 billion more than it took in.

Are we at a point where even liberals can see that the problem is not that we don’t pay enough in taxes? Are we at a point where they can see that the issue is GOVERNMENT SPENDS TOO MUCH?

The government has a yearly deficit and it takes in record amounts of money. Government continues to add to the debt (actual total of our debt in the right sidebar) even though it takes more of our money.

Perhaps the government should be pared down. Perhaps we should end many welfare programs that are being abused. Perhaps we should stop allowing illegals to receive these welfare hand outs.

One thing is certain. Government spends too much (often on items that are not Constitutional) money.

The amount coming in is not the problem.

The amount going out is.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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5 Responses to “Despite Record Intake Government Still In Red”

  1. Barbara says:

    Need to stop aiding Illegals, stop all Foreign Aid except Israel. Stop all Pork Barrel spending. STOP paying for vacation for BHO. Random drug testing for welware recipients, test dirty , you get nothing for a year. There is a lot of fraud going on regarding Medicaid, food stamps and other benefits, even SS. But this Administration likes this, majority of these are Obama voters, and they cast there votes for the one that openly wants to give these things and no proof necessary to be qualified.

  2. john says:

    The Federal Government now employs the fewest workers since 1966 according to the Wall Street Journal
    40% of all American kids are now on “welfare” who wants less for them ?
    The majority of people collecting SS are retireees you think these are typical Obama voters?
    Big Dog and Barbara do either of you receive anything from the government that barbara mentioned should be cut back ?

    • Big Dog says:

      The feds might employ fewer workers than in 1966 but it is still the largest employer in the country. We need to cut a lot more workers.

      We need a hell of a lot less kids on welfare. 40% is a disgrace.

      I want all welfare cut. It accounts for the largest part of the budget and most is not needed. It is in place to enslave people.

      Please do not mistake SS for welfare. People paid in to that only to see government waste the money by spending it. We should do away with it and let people invest their own money government can’t get to. SS encourages people not to save for themselves. When you rely on government to give you back your money you become a pawn.

      And I am on none of the programs and collect no welfare money from government

  3. john says:

    The national rate of illegal drug use is 9% when states DID test for drugs they found much much less
    Missouri tested 39000 they found 48
    Utah tested 9500 and found 29 positives
    Kansas tested 2800 found 11 positives
    Mississippi tested 3600 found 2 drug users
    Arizona tested 142,000 found 3 drug users
    Do you ever wonder if your info sources are giving you accurate info?

    • Big Dog says:

      The rate of drug use among the poor and those on welfare is higher than the general population. Think Progress is not a great source for anything. Testing is new in this arena. We need to do it and we need to make it a surprise so folks can’t beat it. We test the military the positive rates are low but we test ensure compliance. Certainly if we are testing our warriors we can test the welfare class.