Despite Media Hatred, Bush Remains A Gentleman

It is no secret that President Bush has been beaten up in the press on a regular basis. From Helen “Senile Dementia” Thomas to just about any other journalist you can imagine, Bush has been called about everything in the book. He is a liar, a thief, a neo-con, a puppet, and a million other nasty things that the press, as unbiased as it is, resorts to calling him.

Yet on the passing of Peter Jennings, President Bush had nice things to say.

“Laura and I were saddened to learn about the death of Peter Jennings,” the president said. “Peter Jennings had a long and distinguished career as a news journalist. He covered many important events, events that helped define the world as we know it today.”

I will admit that is not a recommendation for sainthood but given how Jennings treated the President, and most conservatives for that matter, I think the President’s words were civil. He could have commented that Jennings was a Canadian who came to America and made it big but still took every opportunity to talk bad about our country. He could have said that Jennings was critical of the president’s whereabouts during 9/11. The President could have pointed to a number of times that Jennings reported his opinion rather than the facts.

But the President was a gentleman. He took the high road as he has done since 2000. You might have heard Jennings talk badly and you will certainly hear his colleagues in the MSM talk badly but have you ever heard the President utter a bad word about his political adversaries? No, though he did get a God reference in which probably caused Jennings to roll over in his casket. The President said:

“May God bless his soul.”

Yes, that George Bush is such a bad man yet he shows compassion and forgiveness to those who have tried to hurt him.

It is not my intent to speak ill of the dead. I am happy that Peter is no longer suffering and hope his passing was peaceful and I will pray for his family.

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