Despite Denials, Government Is Spying On Us

The government swears (and we can trust them) that they are not looking at our stuff. Why, they only collect metadata and only worry about terrorists and people with overseas connections. They are as pure as the driven snow and would never violate the privacy of the citizens of this great nation.

The head of the NSA said so and we can trust a guy whose job is to keep secrets and do spy stuff that no one is allowed to discuss.

Edward Snowden claimed that the government is reading all kinds of stuff and has invasive programs that can snoop through all kinds of things. He said that he, as an analyst, could do it from his desk. It looks like an article in the Guardian confirms what Snowden told us. The government has a program known as XKeyscore which makes available everything you’ve ever done on the internet. We will pause while you think back to what you might be worried about.


OK, XKeyscore searches your browsing history, searches, email content, online chats and your metadata. The very things Snowden said the government could do and the very things the government has denied.

Isn’t it funny that government claims it must do certain things (like this) to keep us safe so it basically rationalizes spying on us but when a guy like Snowden reveals the program he is a criminal. He spied on them and revealed what they were doing. How is that different from what they do to us? I still have reservations about how he did things but he revealed a serious problem.

Think the government is not spying on you? A family was visited by the police after the wife searched for pressure cookers and her husband searched for backpacks. While there might be a problem with this and they might be planning something bad the reality is that both items are legal to purchase. The bigger picture item is; how did the government know what they were looking at online?

Let that sink in. There are probably ways that this could have been discovered BUT now that we are aware of the snooping that takes place and its extent one must wonder how government knew this information.

The government continues to deny many things and promises us that it is not invading our privacy but more and more we are seeing that this is not the truth.

As for the XKeyscore program, we are assured that safeguards are in place and it is not used to spy on people.

You mean like the safeguards in place to prevent the IRS from releasing data to other agencies, or being used as a political weapon against certain organizations? Or perhaps like the safeguards in place to keep voters from being intimidated like happened in Philadelphia? Or maybe the safeguards put in place to ensure guns did not get in the hands of criminals under Fast and Furious.

Let’s just say the government has given us no reason whatsoever to trust the alleged safeguards designed to keep our information private and to keep us from having our rights violated. It appears as if the only safe place is wherever Obama’s birth certificate and college transcripts are housed.

One has to wonder if XKeyscore found anything on Chief Justice Roberts. That would explain why he allowed Obamacare to stand by rewriting the law.

In any event, they are spying on us all the time. Keep that in mind. No matter what they say to your face they are spying on you behind your back.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Despite Denials, Government Is Spying On Us”

  1. Blake says:

    OF course the Government is spying on us- every night, or day for that matter, just before I go inside, I shoot the finger at the satellites that i believe sweep our country instead of the countries of our enemies.