Dereliction of Duty; a book review

I just finished Dereliction of Duty by Lt Col Robert “Buzz” Patterson. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in how the Clinton White House ran. Patterson was the Air Force Aide to President Clinton for 2 years. This highly professional officer tells first hand how Bill Clinton compromised the security of the United States by:

Allowing Osama bin Laden to live or remain free by not capturing or killing him when he was given several chances.

Losing the nuclear launch codes.

Sending the military on over 40 missions that stretched the limits of the service. This while downsizing all the forces and reducing their combat equipment.

Failing to react to the numerous acts of terrorism directed against the United States.

Lt Col Patterson exposes the hatred Bill and Hillary had for the military. He shows how Clinton was often out fund raising instead of leading and all at the expense of the taxpayers. Patterson also shows how racism was alive and well in the Clinton White House and how prominent blacks like Jessie Jackson looked down on minority help. This book is a must read and will quickly dispel the lies the left has spun about the Clinton Presidency.

Hats off to this fine American for telling the truth. Perhaps Michael Moore can read this so he will know exactly what his man Clinton was really like.

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