Dems Want Ethical Changes in Government

So what is a party to do when it runs on a (bogus) platform of reforming government and making changes to increase the ethical standards that they claimed were in jeopardy? Well of course, make Pelosi’s ascension to Speaker a gala event and a $1000 per ticket fund raiser in order to “increase the Democratic majority.” There is a gala bash planned of San Fran Nan and it will only cost a donation of $1000 per ticket. Naturally, no one who can afford this kind of ticket would expect anything in exchange for his generosity. That would be a bad ethical problem.

Ethical irregularities abound in the Congress and on both sides of the Congress. Members from both parties engage in behavior that would land most people in jail. Sure, the Democrats deny that they do anything wrong, and to their credit, they were able to blame it all on Republicans and make it stick. Now it is their turn to step up to the plate and given that they have the likes of Jefferson, Murtha, Reid, and Hastings it is a safe bet that ethical considerations are out the window. Pelosi herself is not immune since she backed Murtha as Majority Leader knowing full well he is corrupt and she wanted to elevate Hastings to a position despite his checkered past.

Yep, it will be an interesting couple of years but like I said, it will be good to be able to point out all the problems, problems that they can not blame on the Republican Majority because there is no longer such a thing. Everything evil that happens will be the fault of the Democrats, especially since that is the standard they have set.

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