Dems Trying to Act Tough

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is making the Senate stay in session all night so he can try to force Republicans to end a filibuster of their surrender bill that would bring our troops home in disgrace. I guess Harry thinks that this little stunt (yes I said it too) will sway the Republicans. I doubt it. He will only hurt Hillary Rodham and B. Hussein Obama who probably have to jet off for a fund raiser…

Interestingly, The Politico has some information that shows the Democrats are exhibiting a bit of hypocrisy and they are getting a taste of their own medicine:

The Democratic memo includes this just-add-water message template for Democratic senators to propagate: “President Bush has proven beyond any doubt that he won’t listen to the Congress or the American people unless he is forced to. While some Senate Republicans might not want to change course in Iraq, it does not gives them the right to block an up or down vote on legislation supported by a majority of the Congress and the American people.” [emphasis mine]

First things first. It is not the will of the American people. No one has said they want us to leave if it means losing. Everyone wants the troops to come home. The right, and a great deal of this country, want that to be when they win. The left wants it to be in defeat. The Democrats have deluded themselves into believing that they won the majority because of the war. While the handling of the war had something to do with it, the reason Republicans lost is because they became like Democrats. They were spending money, courting lobbyists and their corruption was the focus of the left (who actually tried to hide its own). Democrats had no plan, they hid what they wanted to do and now that they are in power they are trying to surrender. This will be their undoing. The Democrats promised to wait until September to decide but, as someone who commented here said, they can not wait because the report might be good. If it is good for America the Democrats do not like it.

Secondly, what is all this crap about an up or down vote? When the President nominated judges the then minority Democrats did not mind blocking those appointments. They routinely threatened to use the filibuster for things they did not like and shunned the idea of an up or down vote. Let me address Harry Reid and his band of idiots directly: Screw everyone of you. I don’t care how you pander to the idiots on in the anti war movement, we can not surrender. If we do surrender I pray we are not attacked again, but if we are, the attack should take out your families (and you cut and run cowards) and leaves those of us who care about this country alone.

Sometimes I think we would have been better off in this battle if that plane had hit the Capitol.

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One Response to “Dems Trying to Act Tough”

  1. sbouvier says:

    the only way to convice the left is to send them onver to Iraq, with out bodyguards and let them see how nice the people are. They would be cut to bits and left for dog food.

    The people want us there, the radical Islamics don’t want us there so they can again take over the country.

    If we cut and run like they made us do in Nam, I hope to God the likes of Hanoi Jane, fat boy Moore, and the rest of the Dems are thier first target for beheading.