Dems Say Bye-Bye To Jefferson

The House Democrats voted to remove William Jefferson, Democrat Louisiana, form his position on the House ways and means committee. Jefferson, who is in a peck of trouble after accepting bribes and being found with the bribe money, refused to step aside on his own.

House minority leader San Fran Nan took the measure to have Jefferson removed in order to make America think Democrats have some ethical standards. The reality is, they are only concerned about ethical problems when they are exposed quite publicly, as was the case with Jefferson. Remember, this was not an immediate action. San Fran and the donks, along with many Republicans, initially denounced the raid of Jefferson’s office and neglected the serious charges he faces.

Only after the antics failed to produce the desired results did the Democrats decide to remove Jefferson. Amazingly, the Democrats who have taken illegal gifts and have been associated with Jack Abramoff have escaped the scrutiny the donks give Republicans in similar circumstances.

Source: Breitbart

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