Dems Never Needed Full Story Before

House Leader Nancy Pelosi tried to get a closed door secret session of Congress yesterday in order to review the complete intelligence community’s assessment of the war on terror in Iraq and its effect on terrorism.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Pelosi said the secret session was needed to allow members to better understand the intelligence community’s most recent assessment on global terrorism, some of which leaked to the news media over the weekend.

According to media reports, the intelligence estimate “is the administration’s worst nightmare. It is not a corroboration of what the president is saying. It is a contradiction of what the president is saying,” she said.

The request was turned down on nearly a complete party line vote. I do not know what is in the complete report and if it needs to remain classified then i do not need to know. What I want to know is why the Democrats feel they need to see the complete report to make an assessment of the situation. They should be able to do that with the parts the president has declassified. After all, the Dems were able to make an assessment based upon a small portion that was illegally leaked to the New York Times. Over the weekend, a portion of the report was leaked to the al-Qaeda intelligence agency, a paper that goes by the name of The New York Times. The Dems jumped on that little piece and were able to run around all weekend claiming we were not safe and that Bush had failed in regard to the Iraq policy. If they were able to determine so much from one little piece, why would Pelosi feel it is necessary to see the whole thing? Interestingly, the same Democrats who were using the information from the NYT are the ones saying they need to see the entire report, not just snippets the president releases. I guess the snippets released to the NYT are enough from which to draw conclusions but the parts the president released do not tell the whole story.

Democrats had seized on leaked portions of the National Intelligence Estimate to criticize the administration’s handling of the Iraq war and members of the U.S. Congress had pressed the White House to declassify the document. My Way News

Here is what I find most troubling. No one from the left has shown any concern for the fact that another classified item was released to a newspaper. They keep telling everyone they are tough on national security and they can better handle the job but they never seemed concerned when our secrets are leaked. Our secrets are part of our national security. Instead of a request to view the documents in a closed, secret session of Congress, Pelosi should have asked for a special session to find out who leaked the information.

The president has expressed his disgust on a number of occasions with regard to leaked information ans yet we still have the leaks. There are people in our government who, for whatever reason, are leaking our secrets to the newspapers. I think we should focus on finding out who those people are and we should ensure they receive the stiffest penalty provided for by law. I think a stint down at Club Gitmo would serve as a useful reminder that we do not like it when people commit treason.


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One Response to “Dems Never Needed Full Story Before”

  1. Webloggin says:

    Dems Never Needed Full Story Before…

    The Dems in Congress can see it all they want. They know it will never be released in full and that is enough to make the appearance of having something to hide. Traitors.