Democrats Worried, Try To Get Votes From Felons

Senator Hillary Clinton is introducing legislation that would allow felons to vote. She and John Kerry are also pushing to make election day a Federal Holiday to “encourage” people to vote.

The democrats want to allow felons to vote for one reason and one reason only. The majority of felons would vote for democrats. The dems want to beef up their vote totals by allowing those who have forfeited their right to vote to do that very thing. If these people want to vote then they should not commit crimes.

Let’s top this off with making election day a holiday. It does not take all day to vote. Additionally, many people will take the day off and not vote anyway. Voting is a civic responsibility and we should not need to make election day a holiday to encourage people to exercise their civic duties. What next? Will we make everyday a holiday so people can exercise their civic responsibilities with regard to jury duty? Perhaps employers can require proof that a person voted before paying them for the day off. Since we can not get the government to require IDs to vote, I doubt we can get them to agree with this. The dems are trying a double whammy. Give people a free day so they might vote, hell they will vote for the guys who gave them a day off. Then we can let the felons vote so they will put dems in office.

This is an outright ploy to drum up more voters. I think if people want to vote they will make the time. The military voted and they are all over the world in a hell of a lot worse conditions than the people who had to stand in the rain for a while. The only difference is, people like Boxer, Clinton, and Kerry will cry about the folks who stood in the rain and tell us they were disenfranchised while trying to suppress the military vote. Could it be they want every vote to count but only if it is for a democrat?

Clinton has this on her web site so people can support it. Since we give criminals in our jail systems everything from cable TV to internet access, they can at least practice voting by “clicking” to suppport this terrible idea.

Read about it here.

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4 Responses to “Democrats Worried, Try To Get Votes From Felons”

  1. Surfside says:

    There’s something very frightening about having a “felon vote” tip an election — no matter which way it swings.

    And, just what we need: another Federal holiday. Yeah, let’s pay all our public servants to take the day off. That just makes so much sense! I wonder what the fiscal cost of a Federal holiday is? If you can’t get your ass to the polls like a concerned citizen, than you don’t deserve to vote. For goodness sakes, can we make it any easier? Polls are open at least 12 hours, even in Alaska. You can request an absentee ballot if there’s an issue of time or location. Are we going to have to go door-to-door next? I bet the Dems would win an election if they could get the apathetic vote.

  2. Adam says:

    The connection between Democrat and felon is indeen an interesting one. I’ve thought about this a little in the last few weeks and it makes me laugh. The last poll showed that well over 90% of felons do vote that way.

    The bill would allow “ex-felons” to vote. In case you haven’t noticed, the felon voting situation is one of the biggest problems in the system. Like it or not, more people were removed from the voting rolls in 2000 for being a felon in Florida than the margin of victory for Bush. Because of “database problems” a large number of these were wrongfully removed. It isn’t just a Democratic lie that Gore really won there. Take away this cost and worry of felon removal and the system will be a whole lot better.

  3. Big Dog says:

    It might be true that more felons could not vote than the margin of votes between Bush and Gore. However, Bush won because felons are not allowed to vote so their votes DID NOT COUNT! That is like saying that if everybody in France had been counted Kerry would have won. People in France CAN NOT VOTE HERE!
    There are reasons we have laws. If you become a felon then you forfeit your right to vote. Plain and simple.
    You did help to illustrate my point though. The dems only want this because it will give them more votes. You yourself stated if criminals could have voted Gore would have won.
    It is a democratic lie that Gore won. Gore lost because people who were not allowed to vote, did not. But, just to enlighten you. Bush won by a lot bigger margin. Perhaps you care to explain why many military votes were not counted? If they had all been counted Bush would have won by a much bigger margin.
    Oh BTW, the military is full of LEGAL voters.

  4. Adam says:

    No, no. I disagree with not letting felons who have served their time vote, but the law is the law in this case.

    I’m saying the people “scrubbed” for being a felon were wrongfully removed because of a database error. They were not even felons. There were several thousand removed in error, some having been charged with a crime from the future. Harris and Bush had an investigation, but after the election was over. Al Gore won Florida.