Democrats Will Offer Drilling Plan

Demonstrating that they will change positions in order to win an election, the Democrats will offer an offshore drilling plan when the Congress reconvenes in September. The Democrats have been opposed to drilling despite record gas prices and huge amounts of money going to foreign suppliers. Though the Democrats have had a clandestine plan for vulnerable members to support drilling, this plan will mark the first time they have openly, as a group, offered a plan that will allow drilling on our own property.

I had predicted this would happen once Barack Obama had changed his position on drilling. Obama criticized John McCain for a similar reversal earlier in the year when Democrats did not support a plan to ease the price of gasoline which has risen since they took control of Congress. I knew once Obama threw his party under the bus in order to align himself with public opinion that it would not be long before the entire party began lining up to change their opposition to offshore drilling. As it turns out, they have embraced much of what John McCain wants (and that Obama followed on) so who is the real leader here?

In reality, this is a ruse. The Democrats are saying they will have a vote and the process will go along with them demanding that oil be released from the strategic reserve as part of any deal. The legislation will probably drag on until they recess prior to the election. If anything is passed they will recess confident that they will win the presidency and more seats in Congress. When they reconvene in January they will have the votes they need to overturn anything done prior to the election. If the Republicans capitulate and allow the release of oil then the Democrats will have gotten what they wanted and can reverse positions.

This is not a far out idea. They reversed their position on drilling in order to win the election. They would like to see prices go down prior to November so they can lull voters into a false sense of security. Once they take control they can undo all of it and voters will not be able to do anything about it. If they changed position to win the election what makes anyone think they won’t change again after it?

Nancy Pelosi is playing games with the public and with our energy future in order to win an election. She has been opposed to drilling and for energy independence her entire career and she is in the pockets of the environmentalists who want us eating dirt and walking everywhere. There is no way she will do anything that will permanently tick off that group of supporters.

People who vote to put these cretins in control of our government will get what they deserve. If voters were smart I would say that it might be good for them to suffer with the pain for four years so that they could learn a hard lesson. Unfortunately, the bulk of the voting public has the attention span of a goldfish and it never remembers how badly it was screwed in the last election. All the Democrats have to do next time is promise more hope and change and people will line up to sip from the Kool Aid cistern.

Democrats are dangerous to this country and we should never, ever trust them.


Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Democrats Will Offer Drilling Plan”

  1. Stix says:

    The Dems all out quest for power knows no bounds

  2. I am like a pig in poop these days…or, a Kid in a Candy store…or, a hooker at a Viagra convention!

    Am I the only one who has not succumb to Obama’s mind altering, messiah like, gaze? While everyone else salivates at the very sight of him, I just want to laugh!


    Another day into August, and yet another indication that the November 2008 Prophecy, which I have preached about a 2009 Clinton presidency since 2003, continues unravel the web we have weaved!

    I even called Rush Limbaugh this week, not that I am an avid listener, (or even a supporter for that matter) just to tell him about my prophesy. He wouldn’t give me the time of day, let alone, a single raised eyebrow!

    Jim Quinn of, just doesn’t see it either. I was hoping that at least the local guy would give my prophecy a consideration — no dice!

    And, it seems that nobody on the planet is hearing my scream!

    Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D) went on record today announcing that Half of the House would be voting for Clinton in Denver. I am sure the Clinton PR machine is working overtime right now, after having been utterly silent since Hillary withdrew (or rather, Suspended) her White House run.

    Why has Clinton been silent these past few months? Because she was busy hoisting the chess pieces of her “soon to be presidential legacy” onto the playing board!

    I myself am even amazed at how crystal clear the daily events have come together to form the road that will lead to the first woman president in US history. I am amazed that this prophecy came to me so clearly! I have to pinch myself a few times a day just to make sure!

    It is absolutely stunning to sit back and watch this happen, all the time rubbing my hands together in anticipation for the blade to fall in 2 weeks!

    I can’t even sleep at night!

    And, it has become amazingly clear just how BAD of a candidate Obama really is. I mean, he is on the extreme left. Not a centrist, and no where even near being any way, shape, or form, a logical candidate. Why would the DNC put such a bad representation on the ballot? It is plainly obvious that this guy, aside from being charming, is a complete bumbling idiot.

    I mean, this guy is a total cluster F*%K in every sense of the word.

    From his Marxist beliefs, his checkered past with associations with questionable characters, to being a Muslim, who America is fighting the fight of a lifetime, Obama is absolutely unelectable.

    Who the hell in their right minds would vote a Muslim into office when we are sacrificing our children to fight them in the sands of the middle east? Nobody — and that’s the point.

    Hell, they could throw Micky Mouse up against him in November and he would still lose!

    He was NEVER meant to be the president. And, he was never meant to even make it to the ballot in November.

    Obama’s sole purpose, since I first called it in 2003, is to run interference for Hillary.

    Are they working together? ABSOLUTELY!

    Does he know he is the Ringer? ABSOLUTELY!

    What does he have to lose? NOTHING.

    What does he have to win? A hell of a lot of CHINESE MONEY that the Clintons have collected over the years to buy the Obama Ringer.

    I am very anxious, however, to see how it plays out in Denver. Will it be the super delegates? Will it be 1968? Will it be the Birth Certificate? Will Obama be assassinated?

    Don’t touch that dial, folks! We are 10 days away from finding out the answer to this, and many more questions!

    Read more of my rants at

  3. Bunny Colvin says:

    Such a shame that Barack flip flopped on this one, as McSame did. Just because public opinion polls show support of something doesn’t make it a good idea.

    Real solutions are what I expect of my candidate. Not poll driven reversals. Weak.


  4. Reason says:

    Real solutions? Can Ms. Bunny Colvin provide some economically viable and currently availiable ones please?