Democrats Want President To Fail

But only when it was Bush

Ever since Rush Limbaugh said that he wanted Obama to fail the left has been battier than ever. They have attacked Limbaugh and have made him the leader of the Republican party and cried about how terrible this is. The White House has addressed the issue with the Press Secretary saying all Republican leaders should be asked if they agree with Rush. They pulled a Bush in saying that you are either with them [the Dems] or you are with Rush.

This has been all twisted around and the true meaning of what Limbaugh said has been lost. For the daft, he said that he wanted the president to fail. He knows what Obama wants and what his plans are and he wants those plans, or liberalism, to fail. I have seen the comments here and at other sites. How dare anyone wish the president would fail. That is not American and quite unpatriotic. Yes, they claim that anyone who feels this way wants the country to fail when the opposite is the case. I have stated that the Democrats wanted Bush to fail but they have all claimed that he was only called a failure after he actually (in their eyes) failed.

Well now, there is a poll from August 2006 and it has some interesting information on it. Here is a snapshot of the question:


My understanding is that this was a poll taken in the thick of the Iraq war and the question might have related to the war but that makes no difference. The question clearly asks ‘Do you want President Bush to succeed?” The answer from 51% of the Democrats was no. If they did not want him to succeed then they wanted him to FAIL. You got that moonbats, FAIL. Let me write it again. The Democrats wanted Bush to FAIL.

I am giving the benefit of the doubt because I do not have the rest of the poll. Flopping Aces indicates it was about the war which means that the Democrats wanted Bush to fail in the war effort. In order for us to FAIL, then our troops had to fail so for all the liberals who came here and said that they never saw where anyone said they wanted the troops to fail, this (if it was about the war) is it. Otherwise they wanted Bush to FAIL overall which is no different than what Limbaugh said.

There is no escaping what the results are and there is no escaping the FACT that Democrats wanted President Bush to fail.

Where were all these people who are indignant at Limbaugh’s statement when it was being said about Bush. Where was that pencil neck douchebag Olberman? Where was little Chrissie Matthews? Where were the people who comment here and say how horrible it is that Rush wants Obama to fail?

I have made it clear and I will do so again. I want Barack Obama’s plans to fail. I do not want his spending to go through and I do not want all his plans to make us a Socialist nation to succeed.

For those of you on the left who do not like that, refer to the above poll and then STFU.

This poll result from the Bush era should quiet any further outbursts from the left.


It is plain as day.

Not so righteous now, are you?

I wonder how many will comment and say that it was wrong then (even though they said nothing at the time) and I wonder how many will make excuses.

Time to man up liberals. Admit you had the same feelings. It is cleansing to get these things off your chest.

The next time some liberal whines about someone saying he wants Obama to fail show him this poll and tell him to take a hike.

Thanks to Flopping Aces for the graphic and the information.

Big Dog

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10 Responses to “Democrats Want President To Fail”

  1. Adam says:

    What I love most is that the GOP is really suffering because of this and you folks don’t want to admit it. You act like there is going to be some blowback for Dems when it’s the GOP who is embracing a blowhard with very low approval ratings outside of the base of people who will always vote Republican. Limbaugh is seen by most Americans as a bully entertainer, not taken serious at all. That won’t help your party regain any seats.

    You can bring up polls all you want. The truth is you cannot find a single prominent liberal voice saying the garbage Limbaugh is saying because if one had then Republicans would have come unglued in the same way the Obama administration is about Rush. It’s all politics and at this moment the Obama administration is winning the message war.

    I don’t expect you to understand when you still see Bush as a success and you called Obama a failure before he’d even unpacked his things. Your judgment on what is and isn’t failure will forever be in question.

    • Kris says:

      Have you not been on planet earth for the last eight years? Every prominent liberal has been trashing Bush as though he were Hitler himself. Liberals make personal attacks against Republicans because they can’t debate ideas. Conservatives make attacks against agendas and ideologies, not people.

      And for the record. Most republicans and conservatives recognize many errors President Bush made while in office. Libs who think we all sing Bush’s praises just don’t want to admit that we can think on our own.

  2. Randy says:

    August 2006 was hardly the beginning of George W. Bush’s Presidency. I have also never seen that poll before. It would help to know if it was a poll that had a lot of thought put into it or if it was one of those “what do you think” types of polls you see on the nightly news.

    Regardless, I think it’s pretty clear what the Democrats are up to regarding Rush Limbaugh. Poke Rush with a stick and he says something divisive. He does it EVERY TIME. Then, actual GOP legislators respond. They either agree with the divisive statement, and in turn appear divisive, or disagree, only to APOLOGIZE to Rush the next day for disagreeing.

    Now, you have to look from the outside, as someone who couldn’t care less about Rush Limbaugh and probably isn’t overtly political, but still votes. How do you think that looks to them?

  3. Randy says:

    Here is a link to the entire poll, just in case anyone is interested.

  4. Barbara says:

    Democrats and liberals speak with forked-tongues. Hooray for Rush! I also pray that OBAMA’S POLICIES DESTROYING THE US fail. Obama and Biden cannot even agree. Obama wants to cut back on our nuclear weapons, yet Biden says Afghanistan is planning attacks. Obama would have us as sitting ducks.

  5. Randy says:

    Rereading your post, what is with all the “if’s” and assumptions about Democrats wanting the troops to fail? Out of fifty questions on the poll, only three contained the words “war”. There were six questions that contained either the words “war”, “Iraq”, or terrorism. There were zero references to Afghanistan specifically. There were four questions that included something about the Mel Gibson DUI incident.

    Flopping Aces even linked to the poll directly in the post to which you yourself linked? It’s a short poll with all the details. Why didn’t you just read over it instead of making blind assumptions about it?

  6. Big Dog says:

    The only relevant poll question was do you want the president to succeed.

    It points out that Rush or anyone else who thinks the same about Obambi is not as bad a person as you would imply.

    The issue is the same as wanting Obama to fail.

    I also believe that I said if it was about the war then it was worse but if not then they wanted him to fail in general.

    No different than what we said about Obama.

    I don’t care about all the other poll questions. When those items are an issue then we can look at them. The only question relevant is this one.

    How is it a blind assumption?

    I was unclear as if it referred directly to the war or in general. In either case it is no different.

  7. Randy says:

    At the bottom of the poll, 42% of the 900 people polled identified as Democrats. That comes out to 378 people polled. 51% of 378 people polled hoped that George W. Bush did not succeed. That’s just under 193 people. So, 193 people polled, almost five years after George W. Bush took office hoped he didn’t succeed. That is a lot different than a major figurehead of folks identifying as conservatives saying about the President-Elect, “I hope he fails” before the man is even sworn into office.

  8. Big Dog says:

    Yeah and a thousand people were consistently polled to see who won a primary.

    That is why they call it a sample.

    Now, I know it is a waste to point out that the figurehead said he wanted the policies to fail.

    You guys are good at taking everything out of context.

    And what difference does it make if it was before he was sworn in. We had 2 years to hear him and he had 3 months before he swore in and was involved. Why wait?

  9. hdrk05 says:

    I still hope he fails to turn the us into a Socialist country. He is a spend aholic that cannot wait to sign on the dotted line and fork over the money earned by working hard to wards their American Dream. That dream is now taited with B.O. and his spending. I hope he falls flat on his face.