Democrats Use phony Draft Information to Influence Vote

The democrats are at it again. College students are receiving emails reporting that the draft will be reinstated by mid 2005. John Edwards is spouting off that the draft is coming back. The implication from these liars is that George Bush is bringing back the draft to fight the war in Iraq. Two bills have been introduced to have a draft. One in the house and one in the senate. What these idiots do not tell you is that both bills were introduced by DEMOCRATS. There are no republicans signed on to these bills. It is quite possible these people who suck up your tax dollars in salaries have introduced these bills for the sole purpose of scaring young people and influencing the election. This is from Blogs for Bush.

Looking first at Senate Bill 89, one can quickly and easily note that this bill was introduced on January 7, 2003 by Senator Fritz Hollings, (D-South Carolina).

Now, looking at HR 163, one will note the names on the bill introduced the same day that Senator Hollings introduced SB 89: Representatives Charles Rangel (D-NewYork), Jim McDermott (D-Washington), John Conyers (D-Michigan), John Lewis (D-Georgia), Pete Stark (D-California) and Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii).

This is down right despicable. It is almost as low as showing American soldiers in the position of surrender. The democrats will do anything to win including bringing an atmosphere of fear and deception. We can not allow the John John ticket to win this election. They are so full of crap it is appropriate they are called Johns! I can not believe that thinking people would actually vote for these elitist pigs who will resort to the lowest levels to gain power in our wonderful country. Vote for George Bush and keep these dishonest, flip-flopping, kool-aid drinking, elitist snobs out of the White House.
I only hope these two bills pass quickly so George Bush can veto them and debunk the BS the democrats are spewing. What do you want to bet this does not come up for a vote? I believe the donks only introduced it in a ploy to implicate the president. They KNOW they if they pass it he will veto it and screw them so they will ensure it is just in the consciousness of America in order to influence the vote.

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