Democrats Show What They Really Want With No Voter ID

Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy

In the United States of America you have to have a photo ID to cash a check, get on an airplane, access a government building, open a bank account, buy a cell phone, and buy a house. You even have to show ID to the cop if he asks for it. The one thing you do not need an ID for is to cast a ballot in an election. In America it does not matter if you are not allowed to vote because they don’t check.

If the Democrats have their way it will remain like this. Democrats do not want to require ID to vote because, they claim, that it disenfranchises people and is equivalent to a poll tax.

The House yesterday passed legislation that would require voters to show a valid photo identification in federal elections over the overwhelming objections of Democrats who compared the bill to segregation-era measures aimed at disenfranchising Southern blacks.
The Federal Election Integrity Act was approved on a nearly party-line 228-196 vote. Republicans backed the bill 224-3, with three nonvoters; Democrats opposed it 192-4, with five nonvoters. They were joined in opposition by the House’s one independent member.

Requiring an ID does not place a burden on anyone. First, the people that they claim are homeless probably do not vote. Those who do vote probably have some form of photo ID. The poorest people in the country would be well off in most countries and they often own cell phones, more than one TV, and a nice car. Often, but not always. Those who are truly poor and on assistance should have some sort of ID to cash the government checks or use the assistance cards for food.

We can start this by looking at who registers to vote. If they register we can assume they want to do so and we can inform them they must have a photo ID. Those who really need one can go to the Motor Vehicle Administration and get an age of majority card. Perhaps the election folks can set some method up in which those without IDs can obtain one. In any event, it is not as bad as the Democrats make it sound and, quite frankly, they are disingenuous in their objections.

The Democrats do not want IDs required because dead people do not have one. Those who break the law by voting in the name of another (dead or alive or in prison) will no longer be able to do so and this will greatly affect the number of votes cast for Democrats. Democrats oppose this, in part, because it will affect ILLEGALS! They are upset that a law requiring us to check on who is voting will hurt those who are not allowed to vote.

But Democrats, siding with groups that work on behalf of minorities and illegal aliens, called the bill a “modern-day poll tax” and said it would place an insurmountable burden on voters and infringe upon their voting rights.

Rep. Brian Bilbray, California Republican, countered that the real infringement upon voting rights would be allowing fraudulent votes by the dead or illegal “to cancel out legitimate votes.”

“That is the violation of the Voters Rights Act that we have not addressed,” he told colleagues before the vote.
Democrats, who have long demanded reforms to the federal voting process, yesterday dismissed Republican concerns about voter fraud.

“Show me the examples of the problem you’re trying to solve,” demanded Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat who accused Republicans of trying to appeal to the “fear and — yes, perhaps — the prejudices of people.”

A Republican cited a study by Johns Hopkins University that found 1,500 dead people who had voted in recent elections. Mr. Hoyer belittled the study, saying no criminal convictions for voter fraud had been won in any of those cases.

Isn’t it interesting that Hoyer of Maryland says that there was no fraud because there were no convictions. So, can we now put to bed all the allegations about Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004? There were no convictions in those cases so we can say there was no fraud. It is amazing that the Democrats were harping about voter reform and when a legitimate reform method is proposed they object.

The Democrats are weak on this as they are on many positions. Voter ID would make the process more secure. They are as weak on this as they are on our national security.

Washington Times

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6 Responses to “Democrats Show What They Really Want With No Voter ID”

  1. Raven says:

    You can’t make them happy- the Dems. It’s always the same old bitch and moan from them. I wish they would offer up something new and different that won’t cost us a fortune in taxes and all that. Wow. They are just getting no where huh?

  2. Dr. Forbush says:

    In California, a very blue state, Voter ID is already the law. What states don’t have this? If the states already handle it, then why do we need the federal government to do it again?

  3. joan says:

    I have never been asked for an ID going into government building and as far as I know you are not required to carry an ID unless you are driving. Have we turned into a police state while I was not paying attention or is Big Dog wrong?

  4. Majordad says:

    Joan you haven’t flown lately have you. Doc I wish we were as modern as CA. Most southern states do not require ID. Leftovers from our past.

  5. Just a Thought: Why not require states to have voter’s registration to bear a photo, like a driver’s license?

    Second Thought: Why not require those who obtain driver’s licenses provide valid identification and proof of citizenship? It would prevent motor voter fraud. Something else liberals would hate.

  6. Big Dog says:

    Joan, you need to get out more often. You are not required to carry an ID but if a police officer asks you for one and you don’t have it you migh tbe detained until they know. There have been a few cases where cops have asked a person who they were and what they were doing (austensibly because they looked like someone the police were looking for) and when the folks refused they were taken in. The courst have ruled this valid. If you lie about who you are you can also get in trouble.

    I hev been to a number of government buildings and , depending upon what they are, you show an ID and in many of them you empty your pockets and go through a metal detector.

    As stated, have you flown lately? Cashed a check? If we require IDs for these then why not to vote?

    Doc, you guys have it good but since Illegals can get a driver’s license, how can you stop the fraud without doing as Wayne has suggested? In Maryland they are not allowed to ask for ID unless you have never voted before or did not register in person.