Democrats See Republican Racists Everywhere

Recently, the Texas Republican Party held an event which included vendors. One of those vendors was selling a button that read “If Obama is President, will we still call it the White House?” The reaction from the left was immediate and of course, reactionary. As soon as they saw it they cried racism and painted all Republicans with the broad brush of racism. Now, I think the button was inappropriate and should not have been sold there but I don’t hold the Texas GOP responsible. They do not vet merchandise and after they were made aware of it they cut off that vendor and will not allow him to sell at their events in the future.

This little fact escapes the morons who jumped all over it and labeled all Republicans as racists. I have gone to some of the sites and the comments are simply outrageous and they demonstrate that many people on the left are not very well educated about the history of this country and the Republican Party which, by the way, ended slavery and supported and passed the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s over harsh Democratic opposition. Yes, read that again. A larger majority of Republicans supported the legislation and quite a few more Democrats opposed it. Tell me again which party is racist. The Republican Party is the one that ended slavery and yet Republicans are branded as racists.

This is a huge mystery to me because it is not the Republican Party that currently has, and has had in the past, members of the KKK in it. Robert Byrd of West Virginia is a Democrat who is revered in Democratic circles. He was a member of the KKK. I wonder how many black people he terrorized. I wonder how many he helped lynch and I wonder why he is loved by Democrats. David Duke of Louisiana was in the KKK. He is a Democrat (though he also ran as a Republican) and he served in state government. From the comments I read one would never know that it was the Republican Party that made black people free and that we passed civil rights. No, according to those who have nothing bad to say about Byrd, every person who is a Republican is a racist.

I made a big stink about the anti Semitic items on Obama’s website. My complaint was that the items had been up there for several months and that the campaign was removing them and trying to delete any cached items so that it would appear they never existed. If Obama is all about open and honest, as he claims, he should have come clean and stated that they were found and removed. My post led to comments about the fact that anyone could write on Obama’s site if they had an account and that it was wrong to blame Obama for what others wrote (I knew the first and never claimed the second). I did allude to the fact that Obama does not seem to care for Jews which is my perception and evidently the perception of a lot of the Jewish community. Might explain why Bloomberg spoke favorably about Obambi to a Jewish group.

I read similar responses to Obama’s website content across the Internet. People claimed that he should not be held accountable for what others stated on his website. If we are to hold that as true, and the left evidently does, how do they find it acceptable to call all Republicans racist and to blame the Texas GOP for the action of ONE vendor? It seems like a double standard, say it isn’t so! No, it does not seem like it, it is. Meatbrain painted all Republicans (what he meant by “these people”) with that broad brush and Wonkette said that the button was worn by everyone at the convention. I don’t want to call Wonkette uninformed but the vendor said he made 12 of them and only sold 4 and 2 of those were to reporters. This is what happens when hysteria takes over for logical thought.

Isn’t it amazing that the people on the left cry foul and say it is unfair to make Obama guilty by association for all his past contacts (Wright, Pfleger, Rezko, Ayers, et al) and yet they will paint all Republicans as guilty because a vendor was at their convention? Four buttons were sold and two were to news reporters so obviously not a lot of Republicans were wearing them.

I want to ask a question. If a vendor who had not been vetted sold buttons at the Texas Republican Convention which displayed a message with racial overtones makes all Republicans racist, what would we say about all Obama supporters if the vendor turned out to be someone who says he might vote for Obama?

“We’re into humor, not racism,” said Alcox, who described himself as an independent who may vote for Obama in November. “Why would I do that purposely? I thought it was funny.” [from the above linked Yahoo story]

I mean, if he is an Obama supporter then that must mean all Obama supporters are racists.

As Obama would say, That is not the button vendor I knew.

Big Dog Salute to Jenn at Fort Hard Knox [Make that Tex at FHK]

Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Democrats See Republican Racists Everywhere”

  1. Jenn Sierra says:

    Thanks, Big Dog…great article. Actually, that “salute” goes to Tex, at FHK.

    Based on the logic of the liberals you and Tex have described, I think it’s safe to assume that all Obama supporters are communists (based on the Che’ Guevara flags displayed at a couple of his campaign offices)?

  2. Mary Miller says:

    what about Spike Lee and ‘if Barack Obama is elected we will make a CHOCOLATE city’?
    Will this hatred Obama started in NH after he lost and called NH ‘folks’ racists who went in the voting booths and put their hoods on and pulled the lever against the black man…? He started it and the Black Caucus continues it….and the newly minted Jackie O look alike? Give it a rest. Obama has been lying since page one of his book, and continues each day through now. What is different? Change? I guess it is from white to black? Who cares about his color..? I care that he is unqualified and a racist. I care that he is a militant follower of Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakan and all of his Iraqi fugitive friends. I care that he hates jewish people and I care that he stole the FL and MI delegates, thus the nomination. He should be investigated for his drug use-is this an example we want for our children? Yeah…more kids in prison and fewer in school..lets keep the dropout rate for AA children at fact, why don’t we elect a President who is a cokehead? In fact…lets let his friend, business associate, largest contributor and felon- Antoine Rezko run the DNC in Chicago!

  3. meatbrain says:

    A couple questions that Big Dog won’t have the guts to answer:

    1) In the context of 20th century American politics, what was the “Southern strategy”, and which American political party employed it?

    2) In the year 2000, which American political operative set up a poll that asked voters in the South Carolina primary, “Would you be more or less likely to vote for John McCain… if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?” Which political party did that operative work for?

    Run away. little coward…

    meatbrains last blog post..Freakin’ out over habeas

  4. Big Dog says:

    1) Republican. You read it here

    2) Karl Rove. It was a smear aimed to cause fear since McCain was campaigning with his adopted dark skinned daughter.

    These two instances do not mean all Republicans are racists. It means that some are or have use race as a tactic.

    Which party voted against the 1964 civil rights act?

    Which party ended slavery?

    Does the fact that the Democrats opposed the civil rights act mean all Democrats are racists? No, of course not. They just do not have the moral high ground on the issue. There are racists from both parties and from people of all colors. There are plenty of black racists.

    This does not take away from the fact that the left sees all Republicans as racists for the actions of a few and the comments of the left on the button issue, yours included, show that you all have no clue and use a broad brush.

    Interestingly, you deride people for making Obama guilty by association and you do the same thing.

    Now Meathead, you can call me a coward because you are sitting at home where it is cozy and you are safe. I have $100 that says if you ever met me you would only call me a coward once and that would be an unpleasant utterance of the word.

  5. Big Dog says:

    The Southern Strategy exploited existing racism. Does it make the people who did it racists or does it make them opportunists.

    It was a Democratic plan to lure blacks to the party and Lyndon Johnson, who supported civil rights, tempered his support and had some of the 1957 legislation changed so he would not offend southern whites and would be reelected. Was that racism or political opportunism?