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Democrats Say Bush Weak On Security

The Democrats are trying to paint George Bush as weak on national security. They cite the Dubai ports fiasco in which a deal to allow Dubai to run some of the ports that they legally purchased was nixed by the racist Democrats. That is really their only claim to fame and it is weak at best. In all reality, there have been NO terror attacks in the US since 9/11 and, unless I am mistaken, there have been no attacks on our interests abroad, excluding the attacks in the war zone of Iraq. No embassies have been blown up, no planes, no ships. For a President who is weak on national security we sure have had fewer attacks on us than say, the last 2 or 3 presidents;.

The Democrats will get little out of the issue because it is just a fact that the Republicans have historically been tougher on national defense. The left always gives the enemy items that help them (like nukes to North Korea and missile technology to China). People like John Kerry consort with our enemies (think Vietnam) and so called leaders like John Murtha demand that we tuck our tails between our legs and run. These are the same people whose inaction allowed 9/11 to happen and who cower every time someone yells Boo!

So, knowing that they will not get far with this, what does Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee say? He said that the aftermath of Katrina is cemented in the public’s mind (how Katrina relates to terror I do not know). He said that “Katrina equals competency.” Yes Rahm, it does. FEMA was quite competent and did what it was supposed to do. If you want to talk about incompetence then discuss Nagin and Blanco, two Democrats that could not find their asses if their hands were in their back pockets. But i do not want to rehash Katrina. People who know how things work know that while there were problems on the federal end, they were minor and that all the failures were at the state and local level.

To put it another way, any idiot that believes that Katrina was Bush’s fault or that the federal government was to blame for the response is a drone and should not be allowed to buy tin foil. That is the cold hard fact and if anyone wants to debate this issue I am willing but you should have a rudimentary knowledge of FEMA and government response before you embarrass yourself. Matter of fact, I will not entertain anyone discussing FEMA who has been involved with them in fewer than 5 exercises.

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