Democrat’s Plan For Iraq

The Democratic party is trying to find a single voice with regard to plans for Iraq. They have been a party of confusion with regard to this issue. Some, like Murtha, want us to withdraw immediately. He gives no thought to the vacuum that would cause and the ensuing chaos. Others say we were lied to war but need to stay. They are looking out for their seats in upcoming elections. There might be diversity of opinion in America with regard to the war but in red states people do not believe in cutting and running. Elected officials take out the map and look at the colors and then temper their comments to appease the people who vote.

The new Democratic plan, or actually the only one, is not really their plan. This is a strategy developed by former Reagan administration assistant Defense secretary, Lawrence J. Korb. The plan calls for phased redeployment of our troops to areas where they can move in if a problem occurs. This plan is not a bad idea so long as we have achieved our goals prior to “redeployment.” To jump the gun would spell disaster in a tumultuous region that riots whenever someone passes gas.

The plan is being adopted by the Democrats in response to the widely held opinion that they do not have a plan, they just criticize. They are also trying to show unity by pacifying those who want immediate withdraw and those who want to finish the mission. By adopting this strategy they can put on a facade of unity because the plan would appease most Democrats. It would give them a chance to say they have a plan and they all agree.

Unfortunately, any plan they come up with will have a time line associated with it. If we said that we would be gone tomorrow, the day after the enemy would strike. We need to have a plan that calls for milestones involving redeployment of our troops as objectives are met and fewer are needed. We need to ensure that when we are drawing down the Iraqi forces are ramping up so that there will be no vacuum. The last thing we need is a giant sucking sound as terrorists rush in to destroy and take over the country. The cut and run Democrats would do well to remember what happened when we quickly pulled out of Vietnam. Millions of Vietnamese were murdered because they had no one to protect them.

The Democrats have tried to speak with one voice for some time but the only thing they have united on is their blind desire to take down President Bush. They continue to cook up scandal after scandal only to have them fizzle. They have Howard Dean, a divisive figure, leading them down the path to destruction. Unfortunately for the left, the party that once held power and prestige in this country finds itself looking for ways to unite on an issue that they have no control over and that they could not handle were it to be their’s to do so.

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One Response to “Democrat’s Plan For Iraq”

  1. Louise says:

    The Democrats have to understand that if they want to present themselves as a viable alternative for the Presidency, they have to get off the sidelines about Iraq. If Obama wins, they can’t keep saying it is someone else’s fault/problem/pick your poison.

    I agree that I don’t think it is acceptable to the majority of America for us to just withdraw without a plan- that’s just as bad as what they accuse Bush of doing, i.e., going in without a plan.

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