Democrats Not Honoring Word

When Samuel Alito was nominated the President wanted him to have the hearings before Christmas. Arlen Specter said that was not realistic and suggested the first week of January. The Democrats said they wanted to push it back a week until the 9th. Specter agreed so long as the Democrats realized they were invoking their right to delay up front and could not use it on the back end. Today, Specter said they would continue with the original schedule and what do you know, Leahy said that it would be better to wait a week. Everyone will be in their home states for celebrations on Martin Luther King’s birthday and will not be back in time. They are supposed to be at work Tuesday morning so how will they not be back in time and are they being charged leave if they are not there?

Then Leahy said that his side was not ready to vote. I wonder how this could be since they have all made it pretty clear they have made up their minds. They are all going to vote no and the Committee vote will, in all likelihood, come down to party lines. There is an issue that is still lingering and that is the Democrats might filibuster. I think the donks want to delay this a week and then filibuster so that the nomination will not be complete by the State of the Union Address, as the President wishes. So Specter should go to Leahy and they should work out a compromise. The Chairman will delay the vote a week so long as every member of the Committee on the left agrees not to filibuster and puts it in writing. They need some blood oath that indicates the Senator will not run for reelection if he signs not to filibuster and then the Democrats filibuster.

Specter needs to get hard with these elitist pigs like Schumer and Kennedy and make sure they know who is in charge. If they will not agree to the terms then they need to be at work bright and early Tuesday morning to vote in Committee and to follow the original schedule.

Sam Alito deserves an up or down vote and it is up to Specter to make sure that happens by preventing the donks from hijacking the process.

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One Response to “Democrats Not Honoring Word”

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