Democrats, Leadership, And The Military Part II

In 2000 George Bush won the Presidential election by a very close margin. He won despite claims of voter fraud and MSM interference that attempted to give Al Gore the election. This hotly contested election resulted in hard feelings among the Democrats who believed that Al Gore won. They continued their charges of voter fraud and intimidation despite the fact that no evidence exists to support that clam. In addition, the left deliberately discounted scores of military votes in an attempt to throw the election Gore’s way.

Eight months into his Presidency George Bush faced a horror that no President in his right mind would want (though Clinton probably wishes that 9/11 would have happened on his watch so he could have a better legacy). Terrorists hijacked four airplanes and flew them into buildings. The twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York came crashing down and the Pentagon suffered major damage. The fourth plane never made it to its target thanks to the final acts of the brave people on board. America was in shock and President Bush stepped up to the plate to unite Americans and go after the people who attacked us. At that time, nearly every person in this great country was on board. The elected representatives seemed to have forgotten their post election blues and passed resolutions authorizing the President to take what ever action was necessary to get the people who were responsible.

President Bush had a hard time with a coalition. There were about thirty countries willing to help but many Arab nations were reluctant. Some of them secretly (others not so secretly) were rejoicing in the disaster. Nonetheless, a coalition was established and its forces went into Afghanistan to rid the world of the Taliban slime that had a hand in the attack. It did not take long for the Democrats to go back to their old ways. When the war carried to the invasion of Iraq the left came unhinged. We began to hear the illegitimate President chant and the cries of how the President misled us to war were all over the place. Democrats, many of whom saw the pre 9/11 intelligence long before Bush was elected, blamed him for not recognizing the threat. Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the attack and it was learned that former President Clinton had at least three opportunities to take bin Laden out but refused to do so. bin Laden claimed that the failure of America in Somalia emboldened him to attack us, a paper tiger.

As the war continues and casualties mount, the left becomes increasingly vocal in its opposition. The liberals in Hollywood take every opportunity to attack the President and our policies. The war on terror in Iraq is branded a failure so often that the American public believes we are losing despite the fact that we are winning the war. The left continues its daily attacks on the Bush administration and as the 2004 election comes to light John Kerry receives his party’s nomination. Kerry runs on his war record and takes every opportunity to tell America that he is a war hero because he came home after three months of service and three minor wounds for which he received Purple Hearts. Despite the MSM’s attempts to influence the election (Dan Rather and memogate) and George Soros’ money financing every left wing group, George Bush won reelection by a large margin. This time he also won the popular vote but that did not prevent the left from making more claims of voter fraud. Post election analysis shows that Democrats were involved in more voter fraud and intimidation than their Republican counter parts but that did not stop the left from making bogus claims. The facts are never relevant to their arguments.

In late Summer 2005 a Category 5 hurricane named Katrina hit the Gulf and devastated the coast line of three states. The only state that was affected based on media reports was Louisiana, more specifically the city of New Orleans. State and local government failed miserably and a lot of people were stranded by local officials who spend more time preparing for Mardi Gras than disaster. The left immediately issued statements that the federal government was slow to respond and that Bush was responsible for the disaster. These claims grew legs and ran despite the fact that the federal government was closely involved and had to overcome a complete collapse of leadership at the state and local level. The new mantra of the left was that Bush caused Katrina and Kanye West, a very over rated entertainer, went on national TV and said that George Bush does not care about black people. He said this on a telethon to raise money for the victims and despite the fact that more white people died, as a percentage of population, than blacks. The attacks on the President continued and every day the left seeks a new smoking gun with which to shoot him.

As of this writing, the war is progressing and we are winning despite what the MSM reports. The relentless focus on a few bad apples can not take away from the fact that 99% of our troops are doing a great job and life for Iraqis is better than it was under Hussein. We did not find WMD but we now know they were there and moved just before the war. War is dangerous but our troops our safer in Iraq than they would be in Washington DC (as a percentage of population killed in gun violence). Let us take a look at how history might have been different.

If Al Gore had won the election and 9/11 happened he would have been standing on the rubble in New York lamenting at how this would increase global warming. He would have consulted former President Carter as to how we could appease those who attacked us and make them understand that we are sorry for what we did to cause them to act in such a fashion. He would have enlisted his old boss Bill Clinton to negotiate with the terrorists to sell them weapons technology and help them in their struggle for legitimacy. When Katrina happened (well since Bush created Katrina it would not have happened) but if it did, Gore would have been saying that global warming caused it and the left would have believed him and blamed the whole thing on Halliburton. Then Gore would jack up oil prices and tell America it was the least we could do to help the environment.

If John Kerry would have won in 2004 he would have gone to the UN and asked them for an opinion on the war and our treatment of prisoners. He would then convene a board of all his old Vietnam Veterans Against The War buddies chaired by Jane Fonda and would hold a trial with the entire military as defendants. He would have compared them to “JenJis” Kahn and found them all guilty. They would be in prison and a UN peace keeping force would fill their ranks right here in the US. He would have joined the oil for food scam and pocketed the profits while Hussein built a massive arsenal of WMD with technology supplied on the advice of Bill Clinton. The port deal would go through and be a non issue because the Arabs would all be our friends because we can’t blame all Arabs for a few bad characters and because they promised not to attack us again. When Katrina happened Kerry would blame it on Republicans in Congress and, of course, Halliburton. Then he would use his oil for food profits to buy up the real estate in New Orleans at a reduced price and build a ketchup factory there. He would then get Nancy Pelosi to send him some illegal workers to work at minimum wage making ketchup (after picking tomatoes, of course). Kerry would get all the folks from New Orleans to hold hands and sing we shall overcome and declare he was for the hurricane before he was against it. Kerry would raise the minimum wage to $100 per hour (except for illegals who would get a wink, a smile, and a promise not to be deported, raise taxes (but only on the rich, unless they are Democrats) and make union membership mandatory for all workers. We would also get universal health care that Bill Gates and Halliburton would have to pay for.

Things could be better in America but fate has a strange way of playing out. George Bush was the right man at the right time. We could have had two losers who would sell their souls to Satan himself for the “honor” of taking down America. Liberalism does not work and is an infectious disease that manifests itself in mush filled heads that are influenced by dope smoking professors who are out of touch with reality. Our military, the strongest in the world, has a Commander in Chief it can trust and respect. They know that he says what he means and means what he says. They also know he does not pander to polls and approval ratings as if they were some sort of measure of worth.

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