Democrats Lack Courage Of Their Convictions

Ever since Democrats voted for the war before they voted against it they have been bad mouthing the President and the decision to take the fight to the enemy. When Cindy Sheehan became a popular figure among the anti-war left, many Democrats in Congress took up her cause. They have been using everything they can to play politics with our troops and have demanded that we remove them from Iraq. What they did not count on was getting to vote on it in quick order.

The Republicans introduced a resolution calling for the removal of our troops from Iraq. It was a gutsy move because it could backfire and we would have to bring them home. The Democrats were hoping to play this bring our troops home theme for many months and use the rhetoric for the upcoming elections. As they say, be careful what you ask for. The Republicans took away the Democrats steam by giving them their vote now so as to disallow them the opportunity to milk the issue.

The Democrats were not pleased and Nancy Pelosi called it a low blow even for the Republicans and said that it was nothing more than dirty politics (paraphrased). It was not dirty politics, it prevented dirty politics. The Democrats would have used this issue to influence the vote but it was taken away. The Republicans basically told them to put up or shut up. There were hours of debate on this issue with a number of Democrats saying we needed to remove our troops or saying they were misrepresented in their desires. Despite all their rallying and telling us how we needed our troops home now, only 3 of them voted to bring our troops home. They lacked the courage to vote for what they wanted because their bluff was called and they want to have a chance of winning reelection. America needs to ask what kind of leader gets up and says we need to bring our troops home now and then does not vote to do so.

During the debate more time was requested and when asked one Democrat objected. When he was asked to stand up and be identified he refused to do so, so no objection was noted. This person lacked the courage to stand up and say that he objected to more time being given. Once again we witnessed a spineless Democrat.

When the verbal vote on the resolution was taken the Yeas were asked for and not one word was spoken. When the Nays were asked for there was a loud “Nay”. Yet when they voted 3 Democrats voted Yea. Where were they for the verbal vote? Why did they not speak out then? They were hiding behind the electronic vote because they lacked the courage to stand up for what they believe in. Even Murtha, who wants the troops home immediately, did not say anything.

The resolution gave the Democrats what they have been saying they wanted and that was an opportunity to bring our troops home. When they were given that opportunity they cowered in corners to avoid showing conviction. They refused to show a backbone. I believe we have seen what is wrong with the Democratic party. They are opportunists who vote according to polls and regardless of their personal feelings. They lack conviction. Regardless of how you feel about the Republicans, you must admit that they are standing for what they believe in.

Remember this historic occasion and in the upcoming election season when your Democratic Representative says “We need to bring our troops home now” you ask “Then why didn’t you vote that way?”

This will do the Republicans a lot of good in the coming months.

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5 Responses to “Democrats Lack Courage Of Their Convictions”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    Thank you for this post BigDog! Wonderful!

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  4. Rosemary says:

    You nailed it. Beautifully.

    I only wish they would have done this 2 YEARS AGO!

    Thank you. :)

  5. Lisa Gilliam says:

    Now if they would show some spine on illegal immigration,punishing the Dems for treason,and voting to drill in ANWAR.