Democrats Have Raised My Gas Prices

Last year at this time when gas prices were going up, a yearly occurrence during the travel season, Democrats were out telling everyone how the Republican majority their President, were in bed with big oil. They pointed to record profits (record in dollar number, not percentage) and indicated that if they were elected they would do something about this. The Democrats investigated the possibility of gouging a number of times and though they found nothing they deemed it necessary to ensure consumers were not gouged. how else, they argued, could one explain the high gas prices. The law of supply and demand and the escalating prices of oil secondary to the instability in the Middle east was overlooked by them as they pointed fingers at the evil republicans and their big oil buddies. Amazingly, the members of Congress who went to gas stations a few blocks from the Capitol drove (or were driven) and they left their cars running so as to be cool when they got back in. They probably charge the gas to the taxpayer and using more helps those of them (many) who own oil stock.

Here it is a year later and the Democrats won control of the Congress and low and behold the price of gas is again rising. It is heading toward $3.00 a gallon and we have heard nary a peep from the Democrats. They were going to put an end to this because they are the party of the people and higher gas prices are not right. The Democrats had their minions believing that low gas prices were a god given right and that the Democrats were the only ones who could carry out that Heavenly mandate.

So what happened? Sure the Democrats worked on some legislation dealing with oil companies but they will not hit that hard until late in the Summer when the prices start to drop as the end of the travel season approaches. How is it that prices are again going up when the Democrats, our saviors, are in charge? As I pointed out a number of times in the past, oil is a global market item and no political party in America can affect its price in any direct way. The fact is oil costs money to extract, refine, and ship and that price is not going to remain the same forever. Prices of all things go up and oil is no different. Add the fact that there is a war going on in the middle of the oil producing nations, that Democrats refuse to allow new drilling on our property and will not allow new refineries, the nearly 50 boutique blends of gasoline required around the nation, and increased demand for oil in China and it is easy to see why the price is going up and it is easy to see that no one person or party can change that.

For all their bluster last year when they wanted to win control, the Democrats have been remarkably silent about the cost of gasoline this year. They know that they can not change the market just as they knew it last year. They are just hoping people are too ignorant to remember they promised to make it better.

Even if they wanted to, this turn out being just another promise they can not keep.

Washington Times

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One Response to “Democrats Have Raised My Gas Prices”

  1. steve dennis says:

    Great post, you made many great points. It is amazing now that the election is over, they don’t seem to care about gas prices.