Democrats Have Been Telling Us To Do This To Ourselves All Along

A Rhode Island State Senator named Josh Miller, who is an anti gun (and oath violating) politician was confronted over his anti gun stance by Dan Bidondi of the truth Radio Show. Bidondi said to Miller; “The Second Amendment shall not be infringed, you people need to understand that.” Miller’s response was:

“Go fu*k yourself.”

To make sure it was understood Miller’s photographer leaned in and repeated Miller’s words. Bidondi responded to both men with the same answer; “Good comments sir, thank you.”

Miller has apologized for cursing at the gun rights advocate and said his [Miller’s] words were unjustified. So that makes it all OK, I guess. Truth be told Miller only said what he was feeling.

It should not surprise anyone because this is what Democrats have been telling us to do all along. Oh, they have not used those words but they were certainly implied and any reasonable person can infer them.

How so?

A majority of Americans did NOT want Obamacare, period. The Democrats (and only the Democrats) passed Obamacare so their message was:

“Go fu*k yourself.”

The IRS targeted conservative groups and kept them from having an impact or participating in the last election. This is something that many Americans of all stripes had a problem with. Folks like Elijah Cummings of Maryland are upset that the entire issue is being investigated. His (and their) message to those who did not like it:

“Go fu*k yourself.”

Americans overwhelmingly support the Second Amendment and do not want government infringing on the right protected by that Amendment. Some people in this country are OK with the infringement but the majority is not. Democrats keep pressing for tough, unconstitutional, gun control. Their message to LAW ABIDING gun owners:

“Go fu*k yourself.”

Democrats continually lied when they said if you like your doctor or health care plan you can keep them, PERIOD. When the lie was exposed their message was:

“Go fu*k yourself.”

Americans want energy independence and they want to increase our own production of those resources. They want the Keystone pipeline and they do not want the EPA and the Obama regime getting in the way. The Regime and the EPA keep doing things to keep our production down and our costs up. The message from them:

“Go fu*k yourself.”

The majority of Americans want the debt brought under control. They want limited government, reduced spending and lower taxes. They want social programs reduced and they want jobs so people can pay produce rather than consume money meant to run the government. The government, and this includes members of both parties, has increased the debt ceiling and continues to grow and spend like there is no tomorrow. They now have no ceiling on the debt. Their message to those who pay the bill:

“Go fu*k yourself.”

As you can see this sentiment is not limited to Miller. He was just the one who had the testicular fortitude to say it out loud. But make no mistake, these politicians (particularly Democrats) have been telling you to do this to yourself for a long time.

All of them in the House and a portion of those in the Senate are up for reelection in November as are huge numbers at the state level. These Democrats and their RINO assistants will be campaigning and they will ask you to vote for them so they can continue to do what they have been doing all along. They want you to vote for more of the same.

They want you to vote for them to do to you what they suggest you do to yourself.

But when they come asking for your vote you can respond then and on Election Day by repeating Miller’s words.

Here is a link to the video. WARNING: The vulgar word is not edited out.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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