Democrats Fail to Support the Troops

Too often the word is put out that the Democratic Party supports the troops and anyone who dares to question that is castigated by anyone associated with that group. People can’t really be blamed for the perception that the Democrats do not support the troops because they have a strange way of showing their support. In the past year they have voted on over 40 pieces of legislation designed to hurt the mission and to lose the war. They opposed the troop surge and now that the evidence is clear that the surge is providing benefits they claim it is not and that a decorated general is a liar. They have trumpeted the cry that we have lost the war and they wave the white flag in front of our enemies. This is what passes as support and how dare anyone question that. The same holds true with funding the war.

The Democrats have tried very hard to take money away from the troops who are in harm’s way. They haggle over cut and run strategies while those who are in harm’s way are denied the very items they need to survive. The Democrats have taken a beating from their fringe kooks who have chided them every time they voted for more money yet the Democrats are never voting to fund the troops. They are voting on a military package that they have loaded with pork because they realize this is the only way to push their unpopular agenda. They have added minimum wage increases and all kinds of other items that have nothing to do with the war to the spending bill because they know that the President will sign it as long as it does not have a time line for withdraw.

After taking a beating for the past year the Democrats are again playing politics with our troops. The president has asked for $196 billion to continue the war effort and the Democrats have responded by offering a $50 billion dollar package but only if it contains provisions for the withdrawal of our troops. They want to begin bringing them home by the end of December and have them completely out by the end of next year. This is a debate that has been rejected time and again so now the Democrats, fed up with the beating they are taking, have decided that they will not provide any money unless it includes a cut and run strategy. This is going to cause problems.

The Pentagon has announced that about 200,000 federal employees will be furloughed between now and February if the money is not authorized. The Secretary of Defense has reported that many military bases will operate with only enough people to provide protective services (fire, police, security) for the people living on those bases. The furlough notices will go out before Christmas and people will begin being told to stay home just after the first of the year. The troops will not have money or equipment and now they will not have the federal employees here to support them and their mission. This is nothing but pure politics and it comes at the cost of peoples paychecks which is always bad but even more so around this time of the year. Even more importantly, our troops will be placed in increased danger because of the politics of the Democratic Party, a party that does not have the guts to just cut off all funding for the war.

The Democrats have failed to pass any of the required budget items this year. They are months overdue and it does not look like they will be getting this accomplished any time soon. In addition to neglecting their Constitutional duties with regard to the budget, they have also neglected their Constitutional duty to provide for our war fighters.

So I have news for you Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all you other left wing pukes. Don’t you dare tell me that you support the troops. Don’t you dare come out and act like you care about them and don’t you discuss how wonderful your party is with regard to them. You have abandoned them time and again and you have put their mission and their safety in jeopardy. If you ever say that you support the troops again someone should punch you right in the mouth.

I want the people in this country to remember that it is the Democrats who are screwing our troops. No matter who gets the nod in the primaries, none of them are fit to serve as Commander in Chief. The ones who are in Congress have voted to cut funding for the troops. They want to be the leaders of the greatest military in the world and yet they lack the guts to properly fund the people who make up that military and whose lives depend on Congress doing its damned job. This should be a wake up call to those who are sitting on the fence with regard to the next election. None of the Democrats are fit to serve. They are selling out our troops and are selling out our country. To hell with all of them. It is also important to remember that many of the ones who are not running for the presidency are up for reelection next year. It is time to send everyone of them packing.

Obviously, the Congress has to appropriate money for their own salaries and they need to send that to the President to be signed. The President should veto the appropriation for their pay until they get money to the troops without the strings attached. If the Congress votes to override the veto for their own pay it will send a clear message that they care about their own asses more than they care about our troops.

My challenge to the twits in Congress is simple. Either cut off all funding for the war completely right now or appropriate the money needed to properly fund them. You have the power to vote to end the authority for the war and to end the funding. Ask your older colleagues, they know how from their cut and run days during Vietnam. If you oppose the war have the testicular fortitude to cut off the funding and bring the troops home. Otherwise, let the President run the military and you fund it as the Constitution spells out. I realize you don’t want to be seen as weak on national security or not supportive of the troops but believe me, that ship has sailed.

Your party is weak on national security and none of you filthy slugs supports the troops. Perhaps instead of asking Hillary about what jewelry she prefers someone could ask this stinking wench why she does not support the troops.

And President Bush, let me show you how to deal with these jackasses. Tell them that you will veto every thing they send up until you get the money for the military and that there will be no money for anything including their staff and all federal employees will be furloughed, including Congress, if they don’t get their act together.

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14 Responses to “Democrats Fail to Support the Troops”

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  8. irtexas44 says:


    The dimwits and my reps are going to be so tired of my mail, faxes and calls they will probably put a block on me. I so outraged at these asses. Yesterday I also added my contempt about billing wounded military for portions of their sigh up bonus’s back. This morning on Fox News someone finally came out of hiding and gave a number to call and that it was a mistake, blah, blah, blah. Anyone that has paid it back will get it returned. If they are in a hospital battling for their lives, as far as I’m concerned they are still in the war zone. These idiots did something like this during the Gulf War billing families for equipment not being returned from military that had died on the field. I was in DC then and could get to them easier. Anyway they have corrected their “gliche” and they will not have to pay anything back. Morons.

    You and yours have a very peaceful and good Thanksgiving. God Bless you all.

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