Democrats Court Jewish Vote

Some of the Democratic contenders for the Presidency courted Jewish votes this week by attending the National Jewish Democratic Council. This is typical for campaign season and is much in line with how Democrats treat blacks. Every election cycle the Democrats go to the black community and make tons of promises and then the day after the election those promises are forgotten or ignored. The Jews are treated the same way and, with regard to both groups, I can not figure out why they continue to support Democrats.

Hillary Clinton told the assembly that Iran might need to be confronted militarily. Hillary does not, for one moment, have intentions of using the military against Iran but this makes for good relations with Jews who have heard Iranian President Ahmadinejad say that Israel should be wiped off the map. The way Hillary and the rest of the Democrats treat the Jews and Israel leaves one to wonder why any Jew would believe what they have to say. The minute Israel defends itself from the Islamic animals who constantly attack her, the Democrats are talking about disproportionate responses and the need for peace. How many times do we need to have a peace process in that part of the world that is interrupted by Muslims launching rockets into Israel before we realize that the Muslims do not want peace? How many times do Democrats need to appear and make unfilled promises to Jews before they realize that the Democrats do not give a damn about Israel?

The other thing that I want to know is how Hillary expects the military establishment to get behind any war plan when the Democrats refuse to get behind the current war. The Democrats want to bring our troops home in defeat just as they did in Vietnam. This will certainly give us another period of low morale and declining enlistments and will cause those who serve and who would serve to question the value of doing so. If we cut and run from Iraq I would suggest that every member of the military serve out his time and leave the service. There are plenty of jobs in the civilian world and the war Hillary says we might need in Iran can be fought by the children of her supporters. No member of the military in his right mind would willingly go to war in Iran if they will receive the same support from Democrats, the MSM, and the selfish portion of the American population as it is getting now.

Democrats trot out in front of special interest groups every election cycle and tell wonderful stories about all the good they will do. Jewish groups, the NAACP, other black organizations and now, of course, ILLEGAL immigration advocates are all wooed by Democrats who will forget these groups exist after the votes are counted.

My question to these groups is; the Democrats count on your votes but can you count on the Democrats? History tells us the answer is no but like mindless drones these groups continue to gather at the trough every election cycle to lap up the Kool-Aid. It is time they started looking past the rhetoric and see what is really happening.

As an aside, I wonder if Hillary spoke with a Jewish accent. “Oy, I want you to vote, ya neva cawll. I like the chicken soup ya sent, woulda vote be too much to aask fowr.” She played that with the “rubes” in the south when she became Hillary of Sunnybrook Farm. Perhaps she figures it would be insulting to those who she considers sophisticated.

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