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Democrats Continue With The Race Card

To Democrats, Republicans are racists. There is no getting around it because the left will invent racism where it does not exist or redefine it in order to make the claim. Oppose Barack Obama’s policies, racist. Oppose illegal aliens entering our country, racist (despite the fact that a person’s nationality is NOT a race). Note to liberals, Hispanic is not a race and neither is Islamic or Muslim (though some are listed as “race” on forms, they are not races).

The Democrats make these claims despite the fact that it has been Republicans who have been on the side of equal and civil rights. Republicans ended slavery, introduced civil rights legislation, and were the driving force in passing the Civil Rights Act. All Democrats have done is treat minorities as second class citizens by using affirmative action and welfare as tools to control people. The very nature of affirmative action is that the minority is not capable of achieving on his own and requires his betters to help him. It is racism and it comes from the left.

Democrats have to invent the boogeyman of racism in order to fire up the base, a base so use to hearing about racism that it too sees race in every issue. Donna Brazile, a Democrat, has an article out in USA Today discussing the GOP 2012 Game Plan as one of disenfranchisement. She goes on to explain that voter fraud laws and laws requiring ID to vote are discriminatory to minorities, cost lots of money, and are implemented in battleground states, like Ohio, where there is no history of voter fraud. Funny, when Democrats lose in Ohio, they scream voter fraud.

Another funny thing is that Democrats will work extra hard to disenfranchise the votes coming in from the military. I do not recall Brazile writing a column about the continuous disenfranchisement of military members by politicians on the left. The left has, year after year, found ways to discount tens of thousands of votes from the people serving in our military. And guess what, all those folks have a valid ID card.

There are many stories about voter fraud in places like Ohio despite the claims to the contrary.

There are heavily Democrat areas where 125% of the population voted in the last election. There are recounts where hundreds of votes for Democrats miraculously appear in order to change the vote and guarantee the win. Democrats know how to cheat and they do it very well. ACORN was set up to help them with that endeavor. The fraud there should be enough to demonstrate the need for ID and other measures.

But no, to Brazile it is a matter of racism. The poor people will not be able to vote because they can’t get an ID card. So tell me, how do these people get welfare? You need to prove who you are in order to get welfare so how do they do that?

While one could argue if voting is an individual right (the Constitution does not list it as an explicit right, only reasons you can’t be denied the “right to vote”). In other words, a state could change the way people are elected and eliminate a vote. The federal government could do that. However, assuming we have a “right” to vote why is it that an ID is not required to exercise that right?

We have an absolute right to keep and bear arms and yet many states infringe on that right. There is no state where one can buy a gun without showing an ID. So tell me, if I have to show an ID to buy a gun why does a person not have to show an ID to vote?

We have to show identification to open a bank account, sign our kids up for sports or school, get a driver’s license, enter a federal or state government building, get on an airplane, buy alcohol or tobacco and when requested by a police officer.

So tell me, why is voting any different? What makes it so special that people should not have to show an ID to do it?

And don’t bother telling me how people can’t afford an ID. I am tired of that argument. If you want to vote then you can get an ID (in the unlikely event you do not have one). You can give up smokes for a few days and pay for an ID. And NO, the government should not provide one to you for free. If I want to buy a gun but do not have an ID you can bet the government will NOT provide one for me and buying a gun, unlike voting, is a clearly enumerated right in our Constitution.

To put it another way, if you are unable to get an ID you should not be allowed to vote.

Yes, Brazile is worried about the 21 million Americans of voting age who do not have an ID and therefore will not be able to vote. Since one is required to show an ID to get a job it would appear that there are bigger concerns than voting here. Perhaps these disenfranchised Democrats should get a photo ID so they can GET A JOB.

Brazile might be right about this affecting Democrats more than Republicans. Getting an ID is a matter of personal responsibility and Democrats lack that attribute.

However, for those still concerned that folks won’t get an ID just tell them they need it for their gubmint check and they will jump right up and get it.

One last thing, Brazile is concerned that the laws reducing the number of days of early voting and removing the ability to change one’s address on Election Day will affect people. What kind of drugs does she take? A change of address does not sneak up on people and neither does Election Day. People are able to address this prior to Election Day. Anyone who waits until Election Day to deal with this is demonstrating a lack of personal responsibility. As for early voting, the longer the polls are open the more opportunity there is for fraud.

I will offer this to Ms. Brazile. Our game plan is not to keep voters home. It is to ensure that only those who are eligible to vote do so and that they only do it once (and in the correct polling place). PERIOD. My game plan would be to require a birth certificate to register to vote and an ID to actually vote. I needed that to join the Army so there should be no complaints.

I also add that the penalty for fraudulent voting (and voter intimidation, hear that Eric Holder) should be mandatory 10 years in jail with no parole and no probation. If you vote in Florida and also in New York and get caught then you should go to jail for 10 years with no exception. PERIOD.

We need to stop pussy footing around with people and hold them responsible.

And we need people like Donna Brazile to crawl back under her rock and quit with the cries of racism and claims of disenfranchisement. Her party is the guilty party and the story could very easily have been written, DEMs game plan for 2012. Disenfranchise the military like they do every election.

But what would America be without the race baiters to stir up phony claims of racism?

It would be a better place where minorities were not held captive on the left’s plantation…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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