Democrats Can Not Be Trusted With Elections

It seems the list of things that Democrats can not be trusted with grows every day. We already know they absolutely can not be trusted with our national security. If we leave it up to them we will all be speaking Arabic and having violent protests over silly things in no time. During the past two Presidential elections we were all bombarded with how Republicans cheated. Bush was a phony winner in 2000 and the votes were rigged. In 2004 Diebold rigged all the machines to vote for Bush and there was fraud at every polling place. Michael Moore was out with his camera trying to catch Republican fraud and he and his democratic buddies were urging people to claim that fraud had occurred even if it had not. The idea is to cast doubt early.

The Democrats continue to spew this despite studies that showed Democrats committed the bulk of fraud in the last election. Democrats shot up Bush/Cheney offices, got violent with Republican supporters at political events and several were on trial for slashing tires on Republican vehicles designated to take people to polling places. One of the perps was the son of an elected Democrat. In Washington state the Democrats miraculously found a bunch of ballots on the third recount. That recount, with the phony ballots, gave the donks a win and they immediately called for a halt to the counting. Many Democrats have called for election reform so that everyone (except of course Republicans and our military) get to vote. They call for this despite the fact they are the ones who do the cheating.

In Maryland the Republicans are worried about the election process. The donks have pushed through measures that are designed for one thing and that is to ensure Democratic wins. The Democrats are asking for things that should wait until the 2008 election so there will be time to have safeguards in place. The voting machines will not allow a paper trail and there is no way to track voters. This has not stopped the donks from passing legislation that will allow early voting and will allow voting in a precinct that is outside a person’s normal polling place. There is even a bill to allow 150,000 felons the right to vote. All of this is designed to give the donks a win this November. According to an article by Blair Lee:

Because the top concern of Maryland’s Democrats is defeating Republicans, not the integrity of our elections. That’s why statehouse Democrats are pushing through a bill that restores voting rights to 150,000 felons, a move endorsed by the state Democratic Party, which expects most of these ex-cons to vote Democratic. Of course all this is being done in the name of ‘‘civil rights.”

I recommend you read the article. It shows why elections are another thing on the growing list of items with which we can not trust Democrats. It also demonstrates the hypocrisy of the left and their so called desire for election reform. In reality, the Democrats do not give a damn about the people. They only care about their power and their quest to obtain as much of it as possible, regardless of the cost.


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