Democrats Brazenly Move Toward Socialism

It is no secret among thinking people that the Democratic Party is a socialist group. Most of them mask their Socialistic or Communistic tendencies but they are moving closer and closer to everything being run by the government and redistribution of all wealth except for the wealth of the ruling class. They will remain rich and try to control our lives. Barack Hussein Obama is a Socialist. He believes in class warfare and he believes it is up to government to take money from the wealthy and give it to the poor. He is a regular liberal Robin Hood.

The Democrats have moved in this direction for quite some time and they are often aided by Republicans who have some strange desire to pander to the left rather than espousing good conservative principles. They give tax “rebates” to people who paid no taxes. They take money in the form of taxes and spread it out across the country in the form of earmarks. They push for universal health care which means the taxpayers will pay for everyone’s health care (and their own since they will not qualify for gubmint health care). They have Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security a program whose name tells you it is socialist. They do all these a little at a time and they will eventually take over our lives and we will still be wondering what hit us.

Stop the ACLU has a video up and it show how brazen the left in America is getting. The clip features Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), member of the House Appropriations Committee, stating that if there are more refineries built in this country then the government should own them. Think about that for a minute. How can the government own anything? The people of this country pay the taxes that the government spends so if they start building refineries the taxpayers will own them.

That is the first point but more importantly, what business does the government have owning a refinery or anything else? With private companies owning them there are stock holders and an expectation of making money, which by the way is not obscene or record. They are at 10% and that is reasonable for any business. If oil companies have problems then they must spend company money to correct them. Whose money will the government spend if their refineries have problems? You guessed it, yours. And since they are Congress they can keep taking as much of your money as they want. You can bet that they will not be selling stock and if they did it would all go to members of Congress.

The idea of the government taking over private industry is Socialist and it would put us more in line with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. In the same clip at STACLU there is a woman on Fox discussing how she thinks this is a great idea. She is an obvious idiot and should have one of those protective helmets on when she is out and about. The problem is, there are many more just like her out there and a whole lot of them are called Congressional Democrats. This is not some slip up either. Remember when they had the oil execs in for their regular grilling. One of the less than intelligent members said that she wanted to nationalize oil. In other worlds, she wanted the government to take it over.

The government is an entity that works for the people and it is designed to represent the people. We are supposed to be left alone to pursue what we want in life. That is what freedom is all about. If government starts taking over private industry, we have lost our freedom and we will be a Socialist nation. The government’s quest is not limited to oil. They want to take over health care. Remember all the fuss about Walter Reed and Army medical care? You know all the news reports about troops not getting the care they need? Their care is run by the government. The same Democrats who went on TV describing the horrors at Walter Reed want to give you that very same government run system.

What will happen next? Will they decide pills cost too much and take over the pharmaceutical industry? Will they then spend billions in taxpayer dollars to make drugs to give away? Remember, if government screws up it taxes you more to get the money it needs. If private industry screws up it must answer to stock holders and consumers.

This whole debate started because Republicans are pushing to resume drilling for oil on our own property. Democrats oppose that. They have opposed it for decades and that is why we are in this predicament. They always use the same excuse; we need to get off our dependence on oil and it will take 10 years to get any oil from the new drilling. They said that over 10 years ago and Bill Clinton vetoed drilling in ANWR. Guess what, it has been a little more than 10 years so we would be getting oil right now when we need it. As for alternative energy, sure that would be great but there are no new technologies that will be ready any sooner than the oil in ANWR. Alternate choices are decades away. Why don’t we use our oil while they start building new technologies?

It is a certainty that we need to drill our own oil. The Democrats are absolutely wrong when they say it will make no difference. It will have a huge impact and have little impact on the environment. What we absolutely do not need is the government taking over oil companies or building refineries. The government is inefficient and does not run anything well. This would be setting up a system that would be rife with corruption and it would make all the members of Congress richer than they are.

The government could not organize a birthday party. It could not lead a group of people out of a burning building and the government would lose money and have corruption, fraud and waste if they were selling air, a product guaranteed to have customers.

We need to demand that they allow drilling on our property (what happened to state’s rights?) and we need to make sure they are never allowed to take over any business.

The next revolution may well be on the way. I would prefer we overthrow the government by voting them all out and replacing them. However, it might be wise to stock up on ammo (as if any good conservative needed to be told that).

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  3. hahahaha says:

    you are a nut!!! that article is so ridiculous it makes me laugh.