Democrats Blame Ehrlich For Their Boondoggle

In the People’s Republic of Maryland a new storm is brewing. After years of caps imposed by a deregulation bill, the caps will end in July and consumers stand to get hit with a 75% increase in their electric bills. The Democratically controlled Maryland legislature voted this in and basically sold people a bill of goods. In fact, most of them never read the damned thing!

It is bad enough that rates will go up but Martin O’Malley, the Mayor of Baltimore, who is running for Governor, is laying all the blame at the feet of Governor Ehrlich. O’Malley called for the head of the Public Service Commission who he said has gone from a watch dog for consumers to a lap dog for special interests under Ehrlich. Nice rhetoric but O’Malley always has trouble with the facts.

The deal was made and the legislation signed by the Democrats in Maryland under a Democratic Governor. This occurred before Robert Ehrlich ever took office. The moonbats never read the bill but they passed it right through and are now trying to blame everyone but themselves.

To top it off, O’Malley’s brother in law was on the PSC when it allowed this to happen. The fact is, the PSC was a lap dog for Democratic special interests and his family member was right in the middle of the activity. Marty O’Malley is a blow hard who does not know how to tell the truth.

For Marylanders out there, remember who caused you the upcoming pain when you vote in November. Hold the Democrats accountable for their irresponsible behavior and vote them out of office. Make sure you deny O’Malley the Governor’s Mansion or you will get more of his (and his family’s) irresponsible behavior.

Source: The Baltimore Sun

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One Response to “Democrats Blame Ehrlich For Their Boondoggle”

  1. Bosun says:

    Hey, I thought it was President Bush’s fault. The libs blame him for everything else.

    It they don’t blame Bush, Bush will think that he did something wrong.