Democrats Are In Panic Mode In Massachusetts

US Army veteran and candidate for the US Senate in Massachusetts Scott Brown is causing quite a stir among those in the liberal establishment who believe that the Senate seat in question is “Ted Kennedy’s” seat and that Martha Coakley is the rightful owner of that seat but has yet to go through the formality of an election. Rasmussen found Brown 9 points behind Coakley last week but my liberal commenters discounted this because they say Rasmussen is a shill for Republicans and if -9 is all he could scare up then she is doing OK.

This week finds us using a left wing polling organization, Public Policy Polling, which shows Brown with a 1 point lead which makes this race a toss-up. Brown could certainly lose this election very easily because the Democrats have a lot of tools at their disposal. SEIU is out in full force and supporting Coakley and is in the mix helping her. Add in ACORN and its criminal activities and we see the shenanigans the left is known for. This is especially true when one considers that Massachusetts is a very blue state and, for some reason, the Kennedys think they own that Senate Seat.

Let me be clear, this seat is not Ted Kennedy’s seat, it belongs to the people. It was the seat held by Kennedy but he did not own it despite what Democrats will have you believe. No one can blame them because Ted Kennedy acted as if he owned the seat. He acted as if he and his Democrats owned both of them. He worked to have the law changed so if John Kerry won the presidency in 2004, Mitt Romney could not appoint a Republican to the seat. There had to be a special election. When Kennedy was near the end of his life he asked the legislature to change the law back so that the now Democrat Governor could appoint a Democrat to fill the seat when Kennedy died. They did that and we are now faced with the typical shenanigans Democrats are known for.

The latest poll shows that Republicans and Independents heavily favor Brown. Coakley has name recognition and has a lot of liberal support but many folks are unhappy with the health care reform being rammed through Congress. Most folks who supported Kennedy’s dream of universal health care do not believe what is going through Congress is anything close to what he wanted. Democrats are less enthusiastic about this election and the youth will likely not be out in force like it was in 2008.

Republicans and Independents are fired up and the seniors are always a reliable voting block. This is going to mean trouble for Ms. Coakley but she still has 9 days to get the SEIU and ACORN bandits out to work some magic.

The Weekly Standard says the poll is likely to spur the Democrat machine to get busy in Massachusetts and that is spot on.

Democrats have already begun contingency plans in case Brown wins. The state of Massachusetts must wait 10 days after a federal election for absentee and military ballots. The state will wait to certify even if there is no mathematical possibility for Brown to lose because of these ballots. The state plans to delay signing the election certification as long as it can so that the interim appointment can vote on the health care bill in the Senate. The Democrats have a plan to delay the duly elected Senator from Massachusetts if that person happens to be a Republican. If Coakley wins she will likely be certified very quickly and sworn in as soon as humanly possible.

These Democrats are the same ones who whined about Al Franken even though he was involved in a legal recount. These Democrats are the ones who want people in DC and sworn in immediately when they are Democrats. These people are showing the American public exactly how underhanded and unethical they are. They are willing to thwart the will of the people in Massachusetts in order to get what they want. As Gateway Pundit reports, Democrats are stripping amendments that Republicans had put in the bills and that were approved. They are unethical and will do what they want regardless of what it means.

If Brown wins it will be a clear sign that NO ONE is safe. If a Republican wins in Massachusetts it will be another shot heard round the world and will signal that Democrats are in real trouble. But it will also tell them to ram as much as they can now because it will be their last chance.

We need Scott Brown to win. The lawyers can work on what happens after in order to get him in the Senate. All of it will be moot if Brown loses so you folks in Massachusetts need to elect Scott Brown in order to stop the run away government.

Remember folks, the same government that is running TSA and Homeland Security wants to run your health care.

Riehl World View
Big Government shows exactly how they will obtain power and push in universal health care. Be very careful of what you let these people do. THIS IS A MUST READ.
Wall Street Journal – Where America Ranks Number One In Health Care
HillBuzz talks about the Democrats refusal to seat Brown should he win. The word is people will set up an office for Brown on the Capitol steps if they have to. Screw that. If they will not seat him I say we enter the Capitol by force of arms and PUT him in his office. If they want to play hardball let’s show them what hardball is.

Big Dog


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12 Responses to “Democrats Are In Panic Mode In Massachusetts”

  1. Adam says:

    I wouldn’t bet too much on PPP. They polled LV to get Hoffman +17 in NY-23 just days before the election and Owens won by 4.1%. Their weighting is based on estimated turnout and that is hard to estimate in special elections.

    Coakley has the home field advantage in the race so it should be an interesting day. The Dems have a lot more money to drop on the race as well for a last minute push.

    The Democrats are rushing to have health care finished by that day so win or lose it may not matter on that part. The most damage will be to erode confidence in the Democrats to overcome the swing against them.

    What I love is you’re already blaming a potential loss on SEIU and ACORN despite not being able to tell us exactly what criminal actions they will do or offer any actual proof of such ideas.

  2. Adam says:

    One thing to possibly look for if Dems keep the seat is Steele getting sacked. The grumbles against Steele grow louder every week. The GOP may have to decide if it’s worth the risk going forward this year with a chairman they are losing faith in or if they should cut their losses and bring in somebody else.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Of course if Steele gets sacked Democrats will say it was racist because he is a black guy.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Darrel, he was hired because he is a black guy. How racist of you.

    Micheal Steele was elected to his position.

    He won the election after many rounds of voting so please tell me how he was hired because he was black and as the answer to Obama.

    Wait, you might be on to something. Obama was only hired because he is black.

    Never mind.

    • Blake says:

      Even more to the point- O’bama is an incompetent hack- which makes competent Blacks embarrassed to be associated with him in ANY way.
      He is Affirmative Action at its worst.

      • Adam says:

        Affirmative Action at its worst? You are a racist at best. But then again, if Harry Reid can say racist things then I guess that makes it OK, right?

    • Darrel says:

      Bigd: “Darrel, he was hired because he is a black guy. How racist of you.”>>

      I knew you would say that. I get a pass because it’s okay to say things when they are true.

      Bigd: “Micheal Steele was elected to his position.”>>

      Because he is black. When he’s fired, it won’t be because he’s black, it’ll be because they can’t stand his incompetence and failed leadership any longer. Watch for it.

      Oh, and Clarence Thomas (an obvious incompetent), would probably be a goat farmer right now if affirmative action hadn’t put him where he is.

      There are lots of blacks who have the aptitude, qualifications and competency to hold these exact positions. But the far right is so wedded to party purity and ideological nuttery that they end up settling for these incompetent hacks.


      • Big Dog says:

        Well Darrel, it is obvious that Obama got the job because he is black. If he were white Hillary would be president.

        And you down Thomas by saying he would be a goat farmer without affirmative action which means he would be all the way down to your level.

        Obama is where he is because of affirmative action. If not for that he would be selling drugs on a street corner or part of al-Qaeda.