Democrats are in Attack Mode

It was obvious from the moment that word started spreading that the troop surge was working that Democrats needed a way to defeat and lessen any good news that might come from Iraq. They have spent a lot of energy in helping the enemy and in trying to paint all things Iraq as bad. They put a lot of stake in the idea that the surge would not work and that they could then get what they wanted with regard to de-funding our troops and bringing them home. They lack the testicular fortitude to just come out and do it without a reason because then they would look weaker on national security than they already do.

Democrats agreed to the surge and agreed to let General Petraeus give a report on the effort before they took up the issue again. When the news from Iraq began to get better and it looked like the surge was working Democrats began to insist that it was not working and that they needed to do something right now, rather than wait to the agreed upon time. Since they got nowhere with that (and since they did not want to interrupt their month long vacation) they shelved it. During the time they have been out of session they, and their minions in the media, have been finding other ways to discredit the effort. They have all begun dissing the report before it has even been given. Idiots like Stolz have declared it a failure and John Kerry (he served in Vietnam) chimed in with his assertion that the surge had failed. The Democrats are in full attack mode and they need desperately to make this look like a failure no matter what because a success would be a bad thing for them. They have already publicly admitted that if the surge is a success it will be a bad thing for their party. As Rush says, if it is good for America, it is bad for the Democrats.

The Democrats have now resorted to calling the report the “Bush Report” in an effort to get their drones, like the boot lickers at the Daily Kos, chiming in unison in hopes that if it is repeated enough people will believe it. The Democrats are basically calling into question the integrity of a four star general officer in the Army, a man who knows better than any of the cut and run Democrats, how to fight an insurgency. The Democrats know no honor and when it comes to their quest for power and their desire for America to lose they will tarnish the good name of anyone, including highly decorated officers, in order to achieve their goals.

They agreed to a time line for the surge and the report and they tried to break it. They declared the surge a failure very early on in order to diminish the positive outcomes we have experienced and now they are questioning the integrity of the military officer who will deliver the report. They have no shame and they need to know our displeasure.

I will be in DC next week with the Gathering of Eagles for Operation Eagle Justice where tens of thousands of us will make our feelings known about the war and the cut and run Democrats who are determined to give our enemies a victory. We will be heard and there will be no doubt in the minds of the people in Congress that we are there and what we expect. There will also be no doubt in the minds of the anti war crowd that they no longer speak without opposition. We told them we were coming in March and then we showed them and they cowered. We showed them time and again and watched as Sheehan ran for cover and we will show them next week that we are here to stay and that they are no longer the voice of America.

I always like these events. It is fun to watch the anti war zealots walk around with their tails between their legs when they realize that they no longer have the market on demonstrations. They seem to lose their toughness when the people they deride are there face to face.

Big Dog

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24 Responses to “Democrats are in Attack Mode”

  1. Robert says:

    I wish you well on your trip to DC, I wish I could go again but I am out of vacation time. Alas I have to work so those in the ANSWER and other liberal anti-American camp can go to all of these protests.
    Someone has to help keep their gubmint cheese flowing.

  2. No students of history, they…

    These guys definitely are not students of history. Impervious to news of recent advances in Iraq,…

  3. Bob Weaver says:

    How is only 6 benchmarks out of 17 a passing grade? Last time I checked 35% was a horribly low number. The only thing the surge has done is kill more Americans and Iraqis.

    You, sirs, are the anti-Americans. You sit back in your comfy armchair and watch poor Americans pick up rifles and die for corporate profit margins. Shame on you for calling yourselves American and attacking people for opposing this unjust and unConstitutional war.

  4. Bob W says:

    Big Dog,

    Do you think the present administration has done a good job prosecuting the war in Iraq?

    How about getting rid of the boobs so we can win the war?

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  6. Tex says:

    Do you have access to the report already? The GAO report appears to be the one you are referring to. It was structured to fail. It said Zero or 100 no in between. The Petraeus’ Report hasn’t been published or released yet, no one but Gen Petraeus is aware of the complete contents. I won’t resort to call you anything except a coward. You have no concept of what is reality. This “war” was declared by islamic fanatics over 20 years ago. If you wish to surrender please go there with a white flag, bow down and convert to islam so you may go to Heaven when they remove your head from your body.

  7. Grammar, Punctuation, Spacing and You…

    I know how to type spaces between my words.
    I know how to put periods at the end of sentences.
    I know not to start sentences with “and” (ok, so sometimes I break that rule, but I do so deliberately and always capitalize the initial word).

  8. Big Dog says:

    Bob I believe the war certainly could be prosecuted better but how do you propose we remove the “boobs?” They have committed no high crimes or misdemeanors so how would you do that. Mr. Weaver calls this an Unconstitutional war and he, of course, is wrong. This is the problem when people listen to others when they discuss the Constitution, the war is not unjust just as there is no Constitutional way to remove the president.

    We watch people pick up rifles because our turn has long passed though many of us would be happy to go if they called.

    Mr. Weaver, 35% is not a passing grade but as Tex pointed out, it was designed by Congress to fail. Speaking of Congress, they promised to pass 7 items in 100 hours. They passed one (and they did that by adding it to a defense bill). Using your logic, that we can not measure gains just pass or fail, then the Democratically controlled Congress has failed. We need them to pull out of DC immediately and move on and we need to replace them with people who can do the job.

    It took America 12 years to get a government in place and yet we turned out pretty good.

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  11. Carl says:

    Democrats in attack mode. This is news??? They’ve been in attack mode against conservatives for YEARS.

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  15. irtexas44 says:

    Pelsoi,Reid,Kennedy,Kerry,Schumer,Clinton,Leahy,Durbin,Waxman,Feinstein,Boxer, Murtha, Warner,Webb & everyone of the traitors are going. Then we have some real people that want to protect our country. Strange that 35% is about what all of your heros have as an attendance record for their jobs. Wow, do you get to keep your job with that attendance record? Get rid of the relics. Just think of all of the earmark money we will save.

    Trust me I am not sitting in any comfortable easy chair. What are you sitting in? Wake up you little dweeb, look around, get a clue. How many times have attempts at causing a lot of people to die have been stopped?

    Get a rock and throw it up very,very high and break that rose colored glass ceiling that you are living under. You might be in for a surprise.

    Young man you need a history, civics and over all knowledge refreshers.

  16. irtexas44 says:

    So everything else aside. The dimwits come back running in and changing their stories again. They relized that the surge is working and they look like bigger idiots than usual.

    So now their strategy is that Gen. Petraeus can’t be believed because he is a Bush man. What a bunch of premier lying jerks. It doesn’t matter if Gen. Petraeus comes back and says Micky Mouse has everything under control. These idiots will keep on dancing (very badly) to try and save their necks and all of that pocket money they attach to every bill that goes though. This whole thing is so pathatic if it wasn’t so serious it would be a very bad bottom of the cable stations reality show.

  17. The Knucklehead of the Day award…

    Today’s winner is Forrest Allgood….

  18. Ray says:

    Hey BD good job in going to D.C. you represent the backbone of this country with people such as you who are willing to stand up to defend our beliefs we be goose stepping mighty high, right now. ( Wish i could be there)
    Maybe you can wear my ‘Che is dead, Get over it” T shirt.

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  20. Virginia says:

    Thanks again for a great article, as always, your are the best .

  21. Katy the mean old lady says:

    Thanks for your wonderful blogs! Wish I were inD.C. to cheers you on.
    I’m proud of my nephew who went for his third tour in Iraq.
    I’ve had several people ask me if he has a screw loose. So far I have curbed my impulse to say”no, he’s an effin patriot you dimwitted twits” but one more comment will do it.

    Go ,Big Dog,go!

  22. irtexas44 says:

    Have a great time in DC. PLEASE let us know if any of the ruffle panty waists that mouth off all of the time come up and confront you. If you get a chance to crack one of them just give them one of our names that can’t be there and stick to that story no matter who asks. We made you do it.

    I saw on CNS tonight that the dimwits used their vacation time to make a list of 50 republicans that have been in volved in something in the past so many years??? Wow! Do you think any of them know what the word democrat looks like in print? I think they are missing their names in print. I also think they need to go back my blog and re-read the post I have there on “Glasshouses”. I don’t think they got it the first time. A state dim down here his name is MEEKS has funneled $250 million in to his mother’s account. She was a something in DC. He didn’t know she was not being truthful with him?????

    I hope Gen. Patraeus just tells them all where to go. I know he is to much a gentleman and officer to do that. But I’m to much of a lady not to. I will gladly volunteer.

    Again give them hell in DC!

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  24. irtexas44 says:

    My biggest problem with the language debate is that English is our language. So why do we have to vote on it to be OUR language? If someone out there is hispanic and they don’t heard their language being used all the time, where are they? I can’t go in to a store or any where and not hear it? If Richardson is so concerned have them come to his house.

    Do we have any proof that his mother really did make it back to American before she had him? I have read his account that his mother was rushed back from Mexico to the states to make sure he was born here. So that he would be an anchor baby. How do we know this?