Democrats And New Ideas, A Contradiction In Terms

The Democratic party likes for people to believe that they are the idea party. That might have some validity in that they have ideas but they are all old and stale. They recycle tax increases, environment, and for the children in everything they do. They have been working for six years to come up with some kind of make over to show America what they are all about. It amounts to nothing more than a new facade on ideas.

During the last Presidential election John Kerry had a plan for everything. What ever he thought Bush and the Republicans were doing wrong he had a plan to fix. Unfortunately, he was never quite able to get past saying he had a plan rather than actually elaborating on the ideas and merits of the plan. The Democrats have been working for the last year to give America their plans, to tell us why they are different, to tell us they have a plan. Unfortunately, they are still at the saying phase and not actually at the elaborating phase. Why is this? Perhaps it is because they do not have any new ideas. They have the same old tired ideas that has cost them past elections.

Tax payers are tired of tax upon tax. Employers are tired of being told exactly how much they have to spend for health insurance, wages and every other thing. Citizens are tired of social program after social program that produce few results an yet spend more and more money. People are tired of blind support for organizations like the ACLU. They are tired of paying tax money for organizations designed to bring down the American culture.

Why this rant about Democrats and new ideas? Well, they keep telling us they are the idea party. They always have a plan and an idea. So when the Democratic Senatorial Committee put up a website did they pop up with a new idea? No, they copied the format of the Drudge Report and called it the Fudge Report. The purpose of the site is to expose the things Republicans will do to get elected. Let us forget that folly and stick to the point and that is even when they put up a website the moonbats can not come up with something fresh and new. They had to play off the work of someone else and use someone else’s OLD idea. This is the party of ideas.

Does this make you feel more comfortable with the people who have a plan? I have an old idea, let’s not vote for them.

BTW, the site uses misleading headlines. Basically, they lie about what is in the news. More on that later.

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