Democrats Agree with Deporting Hispanics

The party of tolerance has shown that they are in favor of deporting Hispanics and that they have little regard for the hard work they do. This is evident by all the statements of Democrats with regard to the resignation of Alberto Gonzales. Even though Gonzales was doing a job that other Americans will not do, he was ridiculed for his hard work by those on the left, and sadly, some on the right. Gonzales did no more wrong or right than any other Attorney General but since he is a Hispanic, he had to go.

Isn’t it amazing that the Democrats will fight hard to get legal status for ILLEGAL Hispanics crossing our southern border and want to reward them for their criminal activity but will not support a Hispanic who broke no laws and demanded that he resign. The negative words they have for this man is in keeping with the left’s philosophy of destroying anything Republican or Bush.

I hope Gonzales is able to address all these scum bags after he leaves office. Perhaps he can give his opinion of the gutter slime who pose as members of Congress.

Big Dog

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