Democrats Admit Voter Fraud Exists

Today the Democrat party in the state of Maryland reported that its candidate for US Representative in the 1st Congressional District would be withdrawing from the race against freshman Congressman Andy Harris. The reason given is that Wendy Rosen was registered to vote in the state of Maryland AND the state of Florida. Not only was she registered in both states, she voted in both states in the same election.

The Democrats reported it because they are concerned, or so they say, with voter laws and the sanctity of the vote. I think they probably discovered this, figured if they did the Republicans had and would wait until after anyone else could be selected to replace her and then release it. Since the Democrats released the information and Rosen has withdrawn she can now be replaced.

Lost in all this is the admission by Democrats that voter fraud takes place. Let’s face it, there is no way this was a mistake. This woman had to know what she was doing. If by some remote chance she was unable to recall voting in one state while voting in another than she was not capable of holding office anyway.

No, the only explanation is that she intended to commit fraud (and the Democrats turned the evidence over to the appropriate authorities though in Maryland she will likely get an award) and voted in both states on purpose. By exposing this crime the Democrats have admitted to all of us that voter fraud takes place and in this case involved one of their candidates (I wonder how many more they have doing this).

We need a way for states to check to see if anyone is registered in another state and we need laws requiring an ID. While Democrats fight every state that enacts laws designed to make fraud tougher one of their own is caught red handed, though long after the fact.

They need to make an example of this woman to send a message to others.

And we need tougher laws to ensure this does not happen.

Cave canem
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One Response to “Democrats Admit Voter Fraud Exists”

  1. Blake says:

    With all due respect BD, this is news? I guess that the fact that the Dems admitted the fact might have been news, but that voter fraud exists?
    Like the Inspector in “Casablanca”, I am shocked, just shocked.