Democratic Mayors Want Your Money

…Or What’s In Your Wallet?

Democratic Mayors of three American Cities want part of the 700 billion dollar bailout money. Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, Shirley Franklin of Atlanta and Phil Gordon of Phoenix, ALL DEMOCRATS (a fact not reported in the story) have requested a portion of the taxpayer provided bailout money in order to help their failing cities. These Democrats have run their cities into the ground and now they want people from all over the country to save them. They have raised taxes to no avail (how many times have they been warned about raising taxes in a tough economy) and they have declared they will cut services. I don’t care what they do, they should NOT get one cent of federal taxpayer money.

These Mayors are leaders of cities that rely on their own tax structures and those of the state in which they reside. It is not the duty of taxpayers from all over this country to bailout cities that are not being run properly or efficiently. These cities are responsible for their own budgets and if they are unable to make ends meet then they need to cut their vast social programs and overinflated payrolls.

Perhaps places like Philadelphia can put their welfare recipients and others getting public assistance on alert. Let them know that they will be responsible for doing some of the work in the community in exchange for the benefits they receive. Make them shovel snow at schools and public buildings. Make them cut grass and pick up trash. Make them do the things that others are paid to do and get rid of that part of the payroll. How about we make people get jobs and get them off welfare so they won’t be standing in front of polling places with night sticks?

Maybe these Mayors can round up all the illegals and put them to work on chain gangs cleaning roads and painting buildings. The trash needs to be collected and the city has services that can be provided by those who “just want to work.” Once they have paid their debt for being here illegally we can ship them home and reduce the burden that ALL illegals cause on our economy.

Yes, illegals cost us billions of dollars and cities with Democrats generally allow illegals to live there and receive taxpayer money (though in fairness, Phoenix probably does better at control than others). Illegals suck the life out of our economy but these Democratic leaders continue to allow that problem to exist and they even make it easier for illegals to show up with their hands out.

The cities asking for help are run by Democrats. Tax and spend Democrats who have taxed people to death, spent all the money, and then decided that since they have tapped out the productive people in their cities it is time to go after the fruits of the labor of people from across the nation.

There is no way that American taxpayers should have bailed out Wall Street and there is no way that American taxpayers should baliout cities in other states. Let Pennsylvania bailout Philly, Georgia bailout Atlanta and Arizona can take care of Phoenix. The cities belong to them so let them deal with it.

I am tired of people walking around with their hands out expecting the American taxpayer, by way of government, to hand over money to cure their economic woes. These problems were created by their inability to manage money and finances and their fiscal irresponsibility. These problems are a result of Socialism where those making money are taxed to pay for those who are not. These are the kinds of things that happen when people (and cities) are not held accountable for their failures.

The answer to these cities is NO. You can’t have any money so go figure out how to cut expenses and live within a budget just like the rest of us are supposed to do.

To the people of those cities, elect some true conservatives and let them get your city back on track. Liberals will promise you the world and that they will tax some rich bogey man to get the money. In the end, you end up without while the politicians live high on the hog.

If the people you elected are panhandling from the federal government (and by extension your fellow citizens in other states) then you have the wrong people leading you.


Big Dog

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