Democrat Women Send Mixed Message

Nancy Pelosi, a practicing Catholic who does not know the Catholic Church’s position on abortion, has been telling people how she broke a marble ceiling in Congress by becoming the Speaker and how Hillary Clinton inspired a ton of young women. The message is that young ladies (and evidently a couple of old ones) can do whatever they want because they are independent and strong.

But they must not be so strong in Florida where a Democratic Congresswoman, Corrine Brown of Jacksonville, was unable to sandbag her own house during Tropical Storm Fay. She called the mayor who dispatched a crew of inmates on a work crew to sandbag her house. Her neighbor asked for some help from the crew but they laughed at him. Evidently, women are not able to do as much as Hillary and Nancy think.

Come now, you skeptics don’t actually think that the mayor would waste taxpayer money doing a favor for a member of Congress, you know, one of the critters who works for you? As a matter of fact the mayor, John Peyton, said that he did not give her special treatment. She called and since she is a woman, a single mother, and sounded scared, he sent her help. I am willing to bet that this mayor would do that for any single mother who is scared. So let’s put this to a test.

Another storm is brewing off the coast of Florida. All you folks who have Payton as your mayor need to keep a close watch on the weather. If it gets rough where you are, call the mayor and tell him you are a single mother and you are scared. He will send you help in a jiffy. What’s that? You don’t have his number. You have the office number but not his private ones (any of them). Well this just won’t do. If Peyton only helped because she was a regular citizen in a bad way then he needs to give his numbers out to everyone so that all the other regular folks will have a way of calling him direct when they need help.

If everyone else does not have his number maybe, just maybe, he dispatched that crew to help because she was a member of Congress. If that is the case he gave her better treatment than the people who they both happen to work for. I mean since Nancy and Hillary told us women can do it all and there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome (except one well spoken half black guy from Chicago) then maybe she got special treatment after all.

It is time to throw them both out of office because they seem to have forgotten who they work for and that is unacceptable.

This is misuse of government funds, it is abuse of power and it is wrong. Every resident who lives in that area was entitled to the service before any elected official because they work for the people, not the other way around. That is not to say that it should be done, rather it is an idea of a conceptual pecking order. In reality, the people should not have government swooping in to take care of their property. This is a homeowner responsibility.

It is Democratic attitudes like this that gave us the attitudes that caused melt down in New Orleans. Then again, maybe most of those folks in NO were single mothers who were scared.

Big Dog

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One Response to “Democrat Women Send Mixed Message”

  1. Angi says:

    What? More democratic hypocrisy!? The heck you say!

    I wish I could I was surprised…