Demand Feinstein’s Resignation

I wrote in the past about Dianne Feinstein’s illegal and unethical activities with regard to her husband’s business. I have discussed in the past that Feinstein does not want the war to end because she is funneling contracts, many of them no-bid, to companies owned by her husband or in which he has a financial interest. Today, my friend Gribbit has a post up about this very issue and it appears the the whole thing is getting a lot of light on it. Unfortunately, the whole unethical and illegal behavior has not been reported in the media and, just as when I reported it in this blog and on the air, it is being ignored. The Democrats trumpeted this culture of corruption and pointed fingers at Republicans. The entire time they were making accusations and saying that they would clean up DC, they were involved in unethical behavior themselves. Harry Reid and his land deals, William Jefferson and his payoffs, and Dianne Feinstein (or as Gribbit calls her, Feinslime) and her funneling millions of dollars in taxpayer money into her husband’s (and ultimately her) hands.

Part of the money was spent to provide better heath care services for veterans so is it fair to say that Feinstein is partly responsible for the mess that Congress had its panties in a wad about? Feinstein got richer and richer at the expense of our troops. Two general officers and the Secretary of the Army lost their jobs over this mess. They were the sacrificial lambs but now it is time to get rid of a person who had direct, financial, involvement in the mess. Dianne Feinstein needs to be removed from office.

I am urging all people who read this to go to her website and fill out a contact form demanding that she resign for her misdeeds. Do not let anyone BS you, make the demand. It should not hurt their feelings and they should just do it. After all, that is what they expect each and every time they demand a Bush administration official resign (and often for little or no reason other than partisan politics). It is very clear in this case that Feinstein was involved in illegal behavior and that she knew it was illegal. She failed to disclose her ties to the companies with business before Congress and she failed to recuse herself from votes that could have (and often did) a huge financial impact on her family. She failed to do these things despite being informed by others outside of Congress that conflicting issues were going to come before her. She still disregarded this and took decisions that allowed her family to profit from government contract. The fact that some of these were no-bid contracts should also raise a red flag, especially when one considers how appalled the Democrats said they were at that practice when Bush used it to employ the services of Halliburton.

In addition to sending a demand to Feinstein, I also suggest you send an email to Harry Reid demanding that he assist in getting rid of her. I also suggest you send these items to media outlets and demand that they cover the issues. We want Feinstein to resign.

She claims to be anti-war but it appears she is all for it if her family can profit from the work of the military. Her resignation from Senate Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee is not enough because she abused that position for all the years of the war. She is only turning tail now because someone turned on the light and like any good cockroach, she scattered.


Sources (read them both and then tell me again how they will end the corruption):
Gribbit’s Word

Big Dog

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6 Responses to “Demand Feinstein’s Resignation”

  1. Gribbit says:

    I’ve contacted Feinslime herself via her contact form AND sent an email to FNC asking why there has yet to be a story about this outrage.

  2. Gribbit says:

    This is the automated response from Feinslime’s website:

    Thank you for sending me your electronic mail message. I appreciate your
    taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

    Because of the volume of e-mail that is received by my office, we can only
    respond to email that includes a California postal address. Please resend
    the text of your e-mail message, including your postal address, and I will
    respond to you as soon as possible.

    Should you need additional information about the Congress, or my offices
    in Washington and California, please visit my homepage on the World Wide
    Web. The address is

    Thank you again for contacting me, and I hope you will continue to do so
    in the future.


    Dianne Feinstein
    United States Senator

  3. Big Dog says:

    Hey Grib,
    They do that to encourage you to send stuff to your own Senator. I usually go to their snail mail contact page and use their state office address in the form. It goes through every time.

    I will be sending mine tonight…

  4. Amazing how the libtards constantly accuse others of so many things, yet their hypocrisy is everywhere. Feinstein is a good case in point, as is Gore’s less than environmentally friendly house. Great post. And Gribbit’s right on the money too.

  5. steve dennis says:

    I heard about this for the first time today on Rush’s show. It’s unbelievable that this is swept under the rug by the main stream media.
    This is a great post that points out the hypocrisy of the Democrats. With all the scandals they have in their own house, to have the gall to coin the culture of corruption phrase is remarkable. Then again they know the media won’t call them on it.

    PS you have a great blog here I will be returning often.

  6. D.J. McGuire says:

    This is unreal. FWIW, I’ve started the resignation ball rolling on the East coast.