Deja Vous All Over Again, A Drunk Kennedy What Else Is New?

Many years ago Ted Kennedy had an accident while drinking and driving and fled the scene for about 9 hours before dealing with the issue which included denying consumption of alcohol. This month, his son Patrick did a similar thing. Patrick was involved in a car accident and it appeared he had been drinking though he denied it. He fled the scene the next day for the Mayo Clinic. This ensures Patrick will be left alone and the item can be swept under the rug, but will it?

There are witnesses coming forward who claim that Patrick Kennedy was drinking in a bar he frequents. This pretty much puts his story about no alcohol consumption in very serious doubt. Patrick fleeing to avoid the issue is not as unbelievable as it seems, after all he learned from the master. Yet, despite inconsistencies in his story and police reports that he indeed appeared intoxicated, the moonbats have left this pretty much untouched. The DBM is apologizing for him and making it appear as if the Republicans are after Kennedy for political reasons, unlike say, Barry Krischer who pursued Rush Limbaugh for abuse of prescription medication (that was not politically motivated [he says tongue in cheek]). According to the Federalist Patriot:

Tim Russert complained that Republicans “want to suggest to the country it’s not just Republicans who misbehave or the culture of corruption or whatever, [so] they’re going to really dig into this case.” Ahh, so it was President Bush’s fault!

Maybe we should inform Russert that the Republicans do not need to suggest to the country that they are not the only ones who are corrupt or misbehave. One only needs to read and that point will be blatantly obvious. Schumer violated the law when he obtained Michael Steele’s credit report, Reid was involved with Abramoff (as were many Democrats), Feinstein’s husband is profiting from the war, Pelosi has questionable hiring practices for her sweat shop hotels and labor intensive vineyards and some liberals who claim that big oil and Halliburton are evil actually own stocks in those companies. Kennedy is just another example of the culture of corruption that has permeated throughout the Congress regardless of party affiliation.

Instead of worrying about whether the Democrats will pick up enough seats to take control we should be working to get all of those who are on the ballot replaced. In order to clean up the mess we need to start fresh and since the members of Congress will never vote for term limits, we need to force term limits upon them.

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Source: Boston Herald

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