Decrying Attack Ads

Recently, concerns have been expressed about the negative attack ads in the presidential race. Both sides are doing it but of course the whiny liberals are crying about John MCain’s attacks on The One. General Colin Powell said he did not like the tone of the ads coming from the McCain camp. He must have been too busy worshiping The Obamessiah to have heard the attacks on Sarah Palin. The problem with most of the Obama ads is that they are inaccurate.

Barack Obama has put out an ad that simply claimed

John McCain cannot use a computer.

Well guess what … He can but

Barack cannot land a jet plane on an aircraft carrier at night.

McCain's Computer

Big Dog Salute to Woodman.

Big Dog

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8 Responses to “Decrying Attack Ads”

  1. Scotty Reid says:

    Apparently John McCain wasn’t to good as a fly considering he crashed at least five jets and finished damn near last in his Naval Academy class. I don’t think Obama has run any ads calling McCain a “songbird” as the Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain alleged. Obama also is not attacking McCain calling him a terrorist supporter for being on the board of a right wing group that smuggled arms to the Contras against US law or the death squads trained at the School of Americas and set loose to murder people in South America. No Obama has been playing nice with McCain and not brought up any of this. The worse attack ad I’ve seen from the Obama camp is bringing up McCain’s role in the Keating Five. Talk about false and misleading ads, one only need to go to the Republican funded site Fact Check to see all the lies McCain and Palin have told. And it was John McCain in 2000 whining about the attack ads from the Bush camp in SC. I played a clip of his hypocritical self begging Bush to stop. What a loser.

  2. David Kirk says:

    Scotty you must be a total loser. How many missions did you fly over Viet Nam by the way? You can attack Senator McCain on anything you want but his patriotism. When you do that people immediately realize you are an idiot and discount you. How many years of service has your idol Obama given to this country? Zero. I’ve wasted enough time on you. Great blog. Short and to the point.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Fact check is part of the Annenberg projects and Obama sat on their board. I hardly think they are objective.

    John McCain graduated near the bottom of a military academy, a school most people in the elite colleges could not get into and if they did could not pass. The military academies require so much more than taking a few classes and swilling beer while digesting liberal pablum. Does it matter where he graduated in his class? The guy who graduates last from medical school is still a doctor and the guy who graduates last from law school is still a lawyer.

    We know how McCain did because his records have been made public. Maybe you can convince Obama to release all his college transcripts so we can see how brilliant he was in school. While you are at it please dig up anything he ever published while heading the Harvard Law Review.

    I am willing to bet Obama will not release his school records because he was a mediocre student AND he registered as a Muslim. Don’t care but it questions his honesty because he said he had never been one (which we know is a lie because he was registered in Indonesia as one). A child cannot control what parents put on grade school papers but he would be responsible for what he put on his college papers. I bet he put that he is a Muslim and that he was a citizen of another country…

    Why not release the records? What is he hiding?

    John Kerry did the same thing and has yet to release his military records, which he promised to do nearly 4 years ago.

    Honesty and integrity matter.

    Keating 5? Get real, McCain found not to be involved as was John Glenn. The Democrats forced them to keep McCain under investigation so it would not be a Democrat only scandal.

  4. Adam says:

    If John McCain can fly in that cockpit it would mean something. Not that Obama could just jump in the planes McCain used and fly away but come on, we’re talking decades of computer advancement between when McCain served and that graphic you posted. It’s only slightly to the point.

    I love how now it’s out about Annenberg and Factcheck and now all of the sudden they aren’t credible. Funny how you’ve used them in the past to make your point. Heck, even Dick Cheney mentioned it at the debate. Oh well…things change I suppose. Dirty independent fact checking organizations…

  5. Big Dog says:

    I did not say Fact Check was not credible but we have seen where they have said things were fact or that someone was wrong and they were incorrect.

    John McCain can use a computer. He is unable to type due to the injuries he received in VN. To portray him as out of touch or old is wrong. Along the lines of stand up chuck….

    I have no doubt McCain could fly that plane (if he is physically able to fly).

    It is certainly much harder to fly a plane than use a computer. you and I are proof that any fools can use a computer. :)

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  7. Kim Spinney says:

    I have a commercial pilots license and can atest to the fact that it takes a lot of guts and smarts to fly jets like John McCain. It’s even more amazing the guts these guys have to be able to fight a war and fly a plane at the same time.

    Obama doesn’t have the guts or ability to fly a plane. He is not even a real man. He has never even had a job and has leached off of others his own life.

    A real piece of CRAP is this one.

  8. Big Dog says:

    I got a pile it license in the Army when I was a private. The sergeant would say hey private, see that stuff over there. Take it and pile it over here. I got real good at it.

    Do you think I could get a commercial pile it license?