December Jackass Of The Month Poll Is Now Up

The poll to see who should be the December Jackass of the Month is now up in the left sidebar under the Dog doing his bidniz.

The lucky nominees for this moonbat title are:

  1. Barbara Streisand. Babs (who is responsible for all the major hurricanes since her birth) is out spouting off about politics. She is not a bright woman but that does not stop her. She is calling for the impeachment of President Bush. Babs is not right. She really should be on medication.
  2. Al Franken. Now here is a Jackass who thinks he is a bad man. He now has out a book and I am sure that it is full of lies like all his other books. Al was the one who called for the execution of the people indicted in the BS Plame game. His father, if he knows who that is, must be proud of him.
  3. Stephen Pearcy. This Berkley CA lawyer, along with his formerly jail bait wife were the cowards who put up the soldier hung in effigy. It got warm there so they rented out the house and live elsewhere. This is nice for the renters who catch hell for living there. I think it would have been better if they had hung him instead.
  4. Harry Reid. This Jackass supreme pulled a theatrical political stunt by calling for a closed session of the Senate. He did this to draw attention to things that have already been resolved. He wanted to score cheap political points. He would make a good JOTM and he will make a better former Senator.

There you have it folks. A very hard field from which to choose. Each of these moonbats is deserving of being the JOTM and I wish they could all win. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, unless the moonbats are counting. Sometime around the first of December we will tally the votes and see what gives. Have fun and pick a winner.

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6 Responses to “December Jackass Of The Month Poll Is Now Up”

  1. The Tar Pit says:

    Open Tar Pit TrackBack #1

    For something a little different, I thought I’d try my hand at one of these Open TrackBack posts. Welcome to Open Tar Pit TrackBack #1! Today it’s anything goes, though I’m thinking that down the road I might try to do posts that are more thematic.

  2. Wild Thing says:

    This is a hard one to choose. So many jackass’s and so little time.
    They are all vile!

  3. Do the jackasses have to be American? Wouldn’t Chirac make an ideal candidate?? Ah well, maybe next month, considering the riots are STILL going on and show no signs of letting up.

    Anyways, despite the extremely competitive field, and in honor of our veterans, I ended up casting my vote for Stephen Pearcy, who now fancies himself a blogger. Though he’s a wimpy ass blogger by anyone’s standards – he shuts down comments if anyone dares call him out on the utter crap he writes. He’s a pansy AND a jackass.

  4. Laurie says:

    Yes, indeed. This is worse than standing in the cereal aisle at the grocery, trying to choose between Lucky Charms and Co Co Puffs. Which one is more annoying, the leprechaun or that weird bird?

  5. Big Dog –

    I have only one complaint about this “Jackass of the month” list. OK, I take it back. I have three:

    1. We can’t have a four-way tie.
    2. We can’t elect the guy who hanged the soldier effigy in more than one category.
    3. We can’t elect them “Jackass for Life” – you’ve only given us a month.

    Still…”of the month” is better than nothing.
    Good dog.

  6. Cao's Blog says:

    Vote for Stephen Pearcy!

    Go over to the Big Dog’s Weblog and vote for Stephen Pearcy as December’s JACKASS OF THE MONTH!