Debt to Clinton was Paid Long Ago

A number of people who were huge supporters of the Clintons have recently signed on to the Obama train and are casting their long time friends, Bill and Hillary, aside. This is particularly distressing to the Clintons because they both believe that they are owd by just about every Democrat. Admittedly, there are quite a number of Obama supporters who received appointments to very high paying and high profile government jobs and there are quite a few Democrats who owe Hillary for campaigning for them and helping them win.

Bill Clinton is particularly upset about those who worked in his administration and now support Obama. He was furious with Bill Richardson and as a result their friendship is strained. Surrogates of the Clintons have called people names and have questioned the loyalty of people that received a lot from Bill Clinton when he was president. Bill believes that people owe him but someone should explain to Bill Clinton that he received all that he was owed by any Democrat when they committed malfeasance in office and failed to vote for impeachment. Bill Clinton was paid in full by every Democrats who supported him during the impeachment process. Bill Clinton should have been removed from office. He lied under oath and charges were brought against him. Democrats paid him big time by opposing impeachment. Some Democrats said the charges did not warrant impeachment. Some of these people were in favor of impeaching Nixon and his charges nearly matched Clinton’s word for word.

As for Hillary, sure she has campaigned for people but she has made some of those folks mad along the way. She has piled on Democrats who have made mistakes if piling on made her look good. She piled on John Kerry when he insulted the troops. Hillary was right to pile on because Kerry actually insulted the troops despite what he said about it. However, he was upset she did not back him. She could have just kept silent on the matter but the Clintons are unable to keep quiet. They have to jump in and take the focus group position in order to look “good.”

It is interesting though to see how people have turned on the Clintons. They were once the darlings of the Democratic party. Democrats overlooked all kinds of criminal activity and defended the Clintons every time they were accused. The media ignored major stories in order to help them out (Drudge broke the Monica story that the MSM was sitting on) and they were usually treated as if they were pure as the driven snow. Now they are being beaten up by people who once loved them unconditionally. Amazingly, there are many former Clinton supporters who are now upset with them because they have been dishonest, negative, harsh, demanding, and unrelenting. These are the same people who ignored this kind of behavior from the Clintons for years and who would still be ignoring it if it were not for a charismatic empty suit named Obama.

Loyalty in DC only goes as far as the next election and politicians will disregard friendship if they think backing someone else will help them in any way, shape, or form. As far as Bill Clinton goes, he was paid quite handsomely long, long ago.

It will be interesting to see how much support Democrats get from the Clintons after this election. In a perfect world the Clintons would just fade away but in reality they could still have some value for people who need help getting reelected.

New York Times (read about Chelsea whining)

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