Debate Number Three

The third and final presidential debate is tomorrow night at 2100 hours. I expect this to be a lively debate. It will focus on domestic policy which is suppose to be John Kerry’s strong suit. I listened to that idiot James Gollum Carville today. He said Kerry is two for two and looking for a clean sweep. He must have been watching a different debate than everyone else.
I will provide post debate commentary with my thoughts on the winner and loser of said contest.
I would not count the president out of this match-up. Everyone thinks he is not too bright. I think he will deliver a very strong performance and score a knock out punch tomorrow night.
I am sure Kerry will try to hit him on the economy. The donks keep saying it is bad but the numbers don’t reflect that.
The GDP is about where it was when Clinton ran for his second term. The unemployment numbers are better than the average of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. The numbers are actually about the same or better than in 1996 when everyone told us how great Clinton had everything. So if they were happy then, they should be happy now. The doom and gloom democrats can’t be happy because they will do ANYTHING to get in the White House.
Check the numbers and read the facts. Do not rely on the Johns to give you anything truthful. They are masters of distortions and lies.
Be informed. The best way to beat them is to know what you are talking about because they can not beat the truth. Knowledge is the only thing they fear. An informed electorate is their enemy.

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