Debate Number One is Over

Well, the first one is in the books. I have to admit that Kerry held his own. I figured he would, he has always been a smooth talker. He was inconsistent and flip-flopped in that he said going to Iraq was a mistake and then said the troops did not die for a mistake, or words to that effect. You can’t have that both ways. He was also inaccurate about the positions he has taken on different issues in the past. I feel that George Bush did Ok. Nothing Over the top and in the end I’d call the debate a draw, maybe slight advantage Bush. I think this is a disappointment to me for one reason. I feel that if Bush had whacked Kerry off at the knees last night then this race would be over. I still think Bush will win but I think the race got a little tighter tonight. Bush could have hammered Kerry in so many ways. The 67 Billion, the war votes, etc. Some of it was unavoidable because of the format and it did not help that Lehrer cut in and had those 30 second rebuttals at the most inopportune times. Overall, Kerry looked confident in his position on Iraq. He has changed positions at least 11 times but he looked confident with this position. Time will tell how long he sticks with it. I think Bush was strongest in telling the public what his stance is and that he will protect and not waiver. He kept bringing up Kerry’s nuances and coming back to why he (Bush) is the right person to continue leading this country. I am a very conservative person, in case reading this site did not tip you off. I feel the debate was a draw with each candidate having strengths and each having weaknesses. I guess in the long run each candidate’s supporters will claim victory. The most defining factor however might not be the debate but rather the next few days following it. What I mean is that George Bush told us his stance and it is not different from yesterday or the day before or even four years ago. John Kerry’s stance is different from last week. The next several days will be crucial as the pundits drag out what was said in the past and compare it to what was said in the debate. If this happens then the advantage will be for the president because he has been the model of consistency, Kerry on the other hand has been called a flip-flopper for a reason. Time will tell.

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