Dear Joe Biden, Actions Say Otherwise

Joe Biden is a tool. There, I got that out of the way right off the bat so we can move on with pointing out his stupidity without anyone stopping to wonder if Biden is, in fact, a tool.

Joe once told us that Barack was not coming for your guns and if he ever tried to get ole’ Joe’s Beretta he would have trouble. Now Obama is out trying to get our guns with back door gun grabs like those being experienced in New York. After passage of the newest gun laws in that state officials are combing through records and revoking the gun licenses (yes, you need a license to buy a gun in New York) of anyone who has taken or been prescribed medication the government has decided warrants citizens not being allowed to own firearms. The licenses are to be surrendered AS ARE THEIR FIREARMS.

This is what Obama wants. His liberal moron protégé in Maryland, Martin O’Moron pushed anti gun legislation through his puppet legislature and there is a license requirement. This will give Marty the same opportunity to back door people.

Biden mocked people recently calling those concerned with the assault on the Second Amendment the black helicopter crowd and mockingly stated that the government was going to send in the Special Forces to confiscate your guns.

Let me address this first. There are more citizens with firearms than there are Special Forces. There are certainly not enough of them to successfully confiscate our firearms. Most importantly, while Biden was mocking people with his statement, it would be silly to even contemplate that the SF would follow such an order. I guess Biden thinks those folks have some allegiance to him and Obama.

They have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, not a few tin pot dictators. If anything, the SF would be more likely to escort out of office the despots running the country.

But I digress.

Biden wants you to think that no one is coming after your firearms. Just like they were so honest that Obamacare would not increase the deficit by one dime or that you could keep your doctor. The reality is that we can point to dozens (if not more) instances where the Obama regime (and often Obama himself) has stated one thing (or vowed they would or would not do something) only to see them turn around and do (or not do) it anyway.

The focus is not likely confiscation AT THIS TIME. The plan is incremental. They want to get things in place and then they can eventually move to get your guns like New York is doing.

It might work like this. Require background checks (background checks do not solve the problems and Obama lies about them) for each and every purchase where a database is kept of who bought a gun. Then force people to get a license or to report their gun ownership on their tax forms. Then, after all the laws that will do nothing to stop crime fail and there is another mass shooting declare that people with certain medical histories can’t own firearms and force them to surrender their guns. Then when another tragedy takes place force everyone to surrender firearms or send SWAT teams to confiscate them under cover of darkness.

Sound farfetched? These things are taking place in California and New York. Germany worked much like this in the 1930s and 1940s and then millions of “undesirable” people were executed. Yes, people were murdered by their own government.

The progressives have anti gun zealots all over trying to indoctrinate young people as they learn. These people, many of whom have armed guards, are working hard to remove a right that has been protected in our Constitution since the founding of the nation.

They know that an armed population is a free population and those disarmed are slaves. If they control your health care (which they now do) and they take your arms (which they are working on) you will be at their mercy. You will no longer have the means to resist and they will be able to impose their will on you at any time.

I know in my heart that there are millions of patriots who will fight to the death to keep this from happening but there are millions more who belly up to the government trough thoroughly enslaved to government programs who will do what their overlords say. These people will allow government to incrementally infringe until one day we are all slaves.

Unless we remain vigilant (Unless you would prefer to be prey as the government wants. Notice none of the actions involve an armed person stopping the bad guy).

The British tried to disarm us and a new nation was born.

You know what they say about people who refuse to learn from history….

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2 Responses to “Dear Joe Biden, Actions Say Otherwise”

  1. CoolCat says:

    Yup, you are right on as usual! That “adults” listen and believe Joe Biden is SCARY!

  2. Blake says:

    Let them try in Texas- none of the progressives have the stones to do that,’cause that would be like kicking over a red ant hill- people would swarm out of their houses just rarin’ to protect their neighbors and themselves.