Dear Abby

Tuesday Humor:

Dear Abby:

My husband is a liar and a cheat. He has cheated on me from the very
beginning, and when I confront him, he denies everything. What’s worse,
everyone knows he cheats on me. It is so humiliating. Also, he’s been
out of work for the past four years and has not even looked for a new
job since. All he does is smoke cigars, and cruise around with his pals,
while I have to work to pay the bills. Since our daughter went away to
college, he does not even pretend to like me…and hints that I am a

What should I do??

Dear Clueless:

Grow up and dump him. For Pete’s sake, you don’t need him anymore…
You’re a United States Senator from New York, act like one.

Big Dog Salute to Freedom 7.

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7 Responses to “Dear Abby”

  1. Adam says:

    It would be funnier if it was accurate. The California thing was pretty funny last week…

  2. Big Dog says:

    It is pretty close though I admit he does more than sit around smoking cigars. I think he has done some good things for tsunami and hurricane relief efforts.

    But most of the rest could be pretty close.

  3. Graymalkin says:

    Some how I get the impression that Hillary does not really care what Ole Bill does anymore, as long as he does nothing further to embarrass her and muck up her chances in the bid for the White House in the next election. She has probably even threatened to pull a Leona Bobbit on him if he is not a good boy. Besides, he has been an influential presence along with Sr. Bush in amassing money to aid the Tsunami victims as well as their being united again in the efforts to help the victims and families of Hurricane Katrina.

  4. Adam says:

    I was thinking about the earning a living part too. Ex-Presidents make a pretty good living…

  5. Surfside says:

    Nah, Hillary’s never going to let Bill forget that she got him to the White House; and, he owes her big time. Fear not. She will have him out on the campaign trail as much as his ticker will allow. He shakes hands and schmoozes better than any politician of our time. He’s her not-so-secret weapon to run for the presidency.

  6. Adam says:

    My dad thinks that Bill Clinton refused to campaign a lot for Kerry so that Kerry would have a better chance of losing, so his wife could win 2008 instead of 2012.

    I’m not sure if Kerry could decide what part Bill Clinton would have in his campaign. Would he add to the trouble or not? But then again, Clinton keeps going around raising disaster relief funds…and Kerry’s campaign was quite a disaster…

  7. Surfside says:

    I think your dad is right. Whether one likes Bill Clinton or “hates” him, one must admit he has an undefinable, unquantifiable quality that allows even his staunches of enemies to enjoy his company. He can run the rope lines like no other politician of our time. And, he’s so likable that he was forgiven his many transgressions — transgressions that would have sunk virtually all other politicians.