Dead From New York It’s………

This weekend Saturday Night Live had an animated feature that depicted Rush Limbaugh overdosing on drugs and vomiting all over the place. This story, from Drudge relates that some of the backstage personnel were not happy with this. The source of this information did not want to be identified because of fear that Lorne Michaels would retaliate. I guess there is no whistleblower protection at SNL.

Why do you suppose SNL would pick on Rush Limbaugh? I know he admitted to an addiction to pain medication. This kind of thing happens and he sought and received treatment. Unlike many SNL alumni who routinely used illegal drugs for recreation, Mr. Limbaugh became addicted to prescribed medication. Many of the SNL skits involved drug use. Who can forget the Coneheads smoking marijuana? Chevy Chase got high before many shows. The brain damage is evident in the stupidity that comes out of his mouth every time he opens it. And how about the great legacy of people like john Belushi and Chris Farley? They both died of drug overdoses. What did they have in common? Oh yea, they were both on SNL. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate if they had animated those two and showed them dying from their addictions.

I do not watch SNL any more. In part because I have trouble staying awake for the entire show but mainly because it is no longer funny. I could tape it and view it when it is more convenient but why bother? The show is boring and stupid. They have not had humor for a very long time. Lorne Michaels is a has been and by allowing this animation he has stooped to a new low. Perhaps the TV Gods will do us a favor and the show will be cancelled at the end of this season.

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