De Blasio And Sharpton Are Not To Blame

A lot of finger pointing is going on right now over the murder of two New York police officers. Many folks point out that Mayor De Blasio and Al Sharpton fueled the flames of discontent and have blood on their hands or are responsible for the murders.

While it is true that these two (among many) are guilty of fanning the flames they are not to blame for the murders. The sole blame lies with the murderer who took it upon himself to pull the trigger.

I know it is common to point fingers and assign blame when these things happen but the reality is the person who actually did the bad thing is the one responsible. The liberals are very adept at assigning blame when things go badly and this is particularly true with regard to Sharpton and De Blasio. When a nut job shoots up a school these two join many other liberal morons to assign blame to firearms and the Second Amendment and then insist we need more gun control.

Second Amendment supporters rightly point out that responsibility lies with the shooter but the left will harp on more gun control. Even in this case the NAACP is out claiming the murders of the two cops demonstrates the need for more gun control. New York already has terribly strict gun control and it was made even tougher after the Newtown shootings.

Interestingly, Al Sharpton, who is ALWAYS ready to blame someone else, is claiming that he and the others are not to blame for this and that he is receiving threats because of the murders (Al claiming victimhood, say it isn’t so).

While I would not be upset if the reaper visited Sharpton I do not think he is to blame for these murders but I find it funny that when he is the one receiving the blame he immediately dismisses that thought.

Think about how Sharpton works. When a white cop shoots a black person it is societal racism and all cops are bad. The system is rigged. No matter what it is when things in society negatively involve black people Sharpton (the NAACP and other race organizations as well as the liberal overlords) blame everyone and everything else for the problem.

The murder of these two New York police officers was the act of one person. It matters not what influenced him or why he did it the fact remains HE alone is responsible for doing it.

The sad thing is these murders could very well result in more police involved shootings. Think about it for a moment. The cops in New York and around the country are going to be even more vigilant. They will be on high alert and will respond even more quickly to perceived threats. Any item in a potential threat’s hands will look like a gun or other weapon and the cops will shoot first and ask questions later. How many people will get shot by police simply because they did not want to take a chance, in light of this incident, that the person with whom they interacted was a crazed cop killer?

How many people who might have a legitimate beef with the police and their tactics will be dismissed because of the acts of this lone gunman? People have a right to protest (so long as they are peaceful and do not infringe on the rights of others) but how many of these people will be dismissed, harassed or associated with the cop killer simply because of this one person who murdered cops?

There are about 40,000 police officers in New York City. It is likely they will close ranks and go into protective mode so as to avoid more of these incidents by crazed people.

There are certainly bad cops and they need to be rooted out. Part of the problem is that the good cops remain silent and the legal system is set up to protect its own so it is very difficult to get rid of those who should not be cops. The act of this lone gunman however, will put this issue on a back burner and the focus will be on the cops who are now victims in the issue.

There are very few instances where citizens should shoot police officers (sorry but cops are not the absolute good in the world and people have rights they are allowed to protect) but those cases would be rare (though not as rare as they should be) and the absolute reality is murder is wrong no matter who does it (cop or civilian alike).

Al Sharpton and Bill de Blasio are terrible people but they did not pull the trigger. Neither is fit to lead and no one should pay attention to them but they did not murder those cops.

Keep that in mind when there are discussions on gun control following a school or other shooting. The only one responsible is the shooter.

Ironically, the person who murdered those cops did so to avenge the deaths of two minorities at the hands of the police and in so doing he murdered two people who were minorities.

As an aside, gun control does not work and this was shown once again with the murders of these officers. New York has strict gun laws and the person who shot the cops should not have had a gun, but he did because criminals will always get guns.

Perhaps if the police unions and appointed police officials did not support gun control there would be a hell of a lot more armed good guys on the streets to help ensure safety (more good guys with guns is a force multiplier).

Al Sharpton is a reprehensible person and he is quick to blame everyone for problems. Michael Brown was a thug who robbed a store and attacked a cop but to Sharpton it was the system and the racist cops who are to blame. No, Brown is solely responsible for what happened to him just as the shooter of the cops is the person solely responsible for that crime.

De Blasio is equally reprehensible and his disdain for the police is not appropriate for someone who is supposed to be a leader (New York deserves who it elected though) but he did not commit the crime. He will be the first to blame others when things go badly but that is what separates most in society from his ilk.

It is called responsibility. These folks have none and they don’t expect it in others.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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